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Monday, September 20, 2010

Revived From Death

It seems that it just happens... Again... Well... This is me.. What do you expect.. Im searching the consistency in writing a blog. Actually I planned to re-create a blog for me to share what i have read so that we all could take the benefit from the book... but then, flipping through my friends blog.. I suddenly realized that.. Why not I re-activate my blog? then I tried.. well.. I forgot my password... but then I managed to revive my Blog from "death".....

Well... This is the examination week.. I had just recovered from my fever... yesterday was the English Placement Test.. I dont think it is that hard.. but im worried that I did not get to be exempted this time.. IM DESPERATE.. I just had finished my Arabic examination approximately 45 minutes ago... The life in UIA is kinda fun... but when I am busy.. I do REALLY MEAN IT....

Currently hearing the songs by The Corrs... feeling old because this song is rather old... but its fun though..... Waiting to get the mood to study Basic Themes Of Qur'an... I have not even start yet!!! Huarrgh... better get going...

ma'a Taufiq Wa Najah :)

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