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Saturday, January 29, 2011

At The Bridge :)

Here I am.. alone... at the bridge...
currently the time is 2.25 PM... i should be discussing about my
General Principle of Law 1... I havent eat a single thing(yet).. no breakfast.. no lunch..
Its raining.. the wind is soft.. so soft... the song 'Raining In My Heart' is on my head.. oh how beautiful.. this is the first time... since im in UIA that the bridge has no one.. except me... and the guy with the kopiah near the sink... hearing the drops of rain..
im so calm.. i love this.. its cold.. but not too cold..

Oh ye! baru teringat.... orang kata.. doa masa hujan... makbul... so.. JOM BERDOA!!

hehe he.. and that is all.. hehe.. ive got no idea :P

Im going to eat now.. dah sampai seru untuk makan :P

Friday, January 28, 2011

Sorry for my behaviour :'(

Hurm.. suddenly i fell not to good.. maybe ive done something wrong....

So this post is to say im sorry for the things that i had done.. or maybe without noticing that i did..

maybe i being too emo at times... i sort of cant control it.. maklum lahhh.. manusia

anyways... through this post.. i want to apologise for everything ive did wrong.. ever since we met... until this day...

this is my error... im not a perfect human.. nobody is perfect after all...

so i really need you to understand me.. okayy?

i hope when you read this short post, ull understand ;)

Muhasabah Cinta

Whooo.... Lately i've been selecting songs for me to sing.. Surely I'll sing a simple yet meaningful song... so... i searched for a song that would be lovely, simple yet very meaningful :)

Okay.. so the song is Muhasabah Cinta a song by EdCoustic... And here is the lyrics:

Wahai... Pemilik nyawaku
Betapa lemah diriku ini
Berat ujian dariMu
Kupasrahkan semua padaMu

Tuhan... Baru ku sadar
Indah nikmat sehat itu
Tak pandai aku bersyukur
Kini kuharapkan cintaMu

Kata-kata cinta terucap indah
Mengalun berzikir di kidung doaku
Sakit yang kurasa biar jadi penawar dosaku
Butir-butir cinta air mataku
Teringat semua yang Kau beri untukku
Ampuni khilaf dan salah selama ini
Ya ilahi....
Muhasabah cintaku...

Tuhan... Kuatkan aku
Lindungiku dari putus asa
Jika ku harus mati
Pertemukan aku denganMu

If we hear this song and swim deep into its lyric... its so soo meaningful.. i can say the rythm is some kinda sweet.. the first time I hear this song I thought its a love song about male and female... but after listening a couple of times.. my heart starts to feel so touched :')

Actually I want to include in my video... but then.. i feel too embarassed to do so.. hahaha... forget bout it... main thing is.. let us relate this love song with ordinary love song.. its a big difference! :P

Why cant we be this romantic to Allah? He gave us a lot of things and blessed us with love... and never for Him to betray our love!

To say that we love Allah is very easy.. but to prove our love is the part where people mostly fails! So let us together 'muhasabah cinta kita kepada-Nya'

Nevertheless.. I dedicated this special song to my special friend :) I hope you'll love it ;)

I was thinking of including the video of the song but unfortunately i dont have it :'(

still youll be able to hear it... :)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Random Post

Hahaha.. i just got this message frome one of my friend and it makes me touched! :')

Here it goes:
If u found urself in a dark room,

Red walls around U,
& Blood Come from everywhere!

Guess where r u?

Don Panic!

U r in my heart.

Take care!

-sadaqawwanul baik-

idk why.. this message sound so.. err... nice? hahaha but its coool...

though i know this message is forwarded :P

still it makes me happy.. thats all.. haha... :) tu je lah! nak ape lg :P

Friday, January 21, 2011

Jabir, Cerita, Cita dan Cinta

Recently, the most popular topic that came into my ears is LOVE.. I dont know why.. day by day the topic "LOVE" became so popular until my head keeps thinking of it.. So that is the POWER of LOVE.... so what is up with love actually?

Love . lOve. loVe. lovE. LOVe. LOvE. LoVE. lOVE

even in my formspring account people keep asking me tonnes of questions relating to LOVE! that is.. about my "crush".. haha.. its weird yet kinda funny that people seems to be interrogating me about my crush... haha.... So.. here it is.. lemme tell a lil bit about my crush ;)

My crush is young, happy, beautiful and awesome. we met by awesomeness. i fall for her because she is one of a kind..
  1. Do I look into having a special label with her? NO i prefer to have her labelled as JABIR'S WIFE.
  2. How much do i love my crush? As long as i didnt go beyond the laws of islam :)
  3. How old is she? SHE IS YOUNG :)
  4. Whats her name? Google in "jabir's crush"
  5. Where is she from? MALAYSIA
  6. Did she know that I have a crush on her? Yes
  7. Whats her respond? err.... idk how to say it :p
  8. How do you find her attractive? how can i say this... hurm... pelik+pelik= pelik2!
  9. if people ask u to define the relationship what will be the answer? We are friends!
  10. U are a student from IIUM and you talk about love. Isnt that wrong? What is wrong when i talk about love? cinta itu kan fitrah manusia.. i will eventually get married.. and Islam never stop us from loving someone. its just how we channel our love!
perempuan kena jadi jinak-jinak merpati - Encik Murad

So above i answered 10 FAQS about myself.. but that is not the main topic.. ive read from a book.. it says "Fitrah perlukan hidayah, jika tidak, fitrah akan menjadi fitnah."
so its not wrong to fall in love but we must guide our love to a right way and method so we dont go astray.

Me myself im not that islamic or pious type of guy.. but for me, matters about religion is very important especially matters related to the laws and punishment of Islam. In Malaysia it is impossible(well for me now it is IMPOSSIBLE) if you are a fornicators, youll never get the right way of punishment here in Malaysia and u surely are going to be punished in Hell!
SO! I definitely worry that this love which is permissible by Allah is polluted with Shaitan's virus!! Im not that strong to resist( i think) if i am alone with a girl by my side.. because its fo sure that shaitan is with us at that time.. no matter what.. PLUS! if the girl is the one we love.. our heart will be easily tricked by that damned creature to whisper the word of lies and makes u think that physical contact before marriage is LOVE.. pergghhhh!

As a lesson to us.. we should really learn to be shameful to Allah and not to humans.. The same thing is mentioned so many times everywhere.. so this time i tell a story about the ppl i know so whoever think its them can check on themselves :)

I went to the night club SS17(pasar malam je snanye) then there is something caught my eyes.. for the first time... i saw a girl with a guy infront of me.. both looks familiar... but i feel awkward to say hi or to give salam... that guys hand is on the girls back(wth!) ... so i was thinking is that really them? but i keep myself silent and move forward without saying anything.. Then the next time i went to the Suuq al-Layl(night club SS17) same person caught my attention.. the very same couple.. this time, FRONT VIEW! so hell of a clear view of them.. they are holding hands... but then the girl saw me and quickly let her hand off the guy.. at that time.. i was dissapointed... so dissapointed... shes not an ordinary student who i can consider "understand islam" because she is not taking UI in UIA.. but her action is so so soo stupid.. she let her hand off her bf just because she feels shy that i saw her... but im NOT A GOD.. why not she did the same when she noticed i was looking at her to Allah? she should notice that Allah had been watching her since like... uhhh... FOREVER!

so my point is, even when u learned n u understand ur religion, dont ever put ur religion on the second place.. NEVER do so.. when u walk with the girl/guy u love alone, ur wall of iman will surely fall apart.. shaitan will be there for u!

ok. ok ok... lets leave that behind.. hahaha

Back to Jabir, Cerita, Cita dan Cinta.....

Jabir: orang yang nak sangat bercinta sekarang ni.. atau dalam ni kire "hero" cite laa

Cerita: haaa... Cubecite cubecite cubecite.. camni citernye

Dalam Hati Aku Terdapat Satu Taman. Taman Ape?

Taman BUNGA!
Bile Hati da bunga ni.. layan la lagu jiwang karat skit! :P
walaupun skrg ni aku dgr lagu korea yg aku x faham ape die cakap...

So update blog skrg ni pon update yg cam jiwang karat gituuu XP

jadi hati aku ni da sakit angau cinta la ceritanyaaaa
so gi la klinik iman ntuk dapatkan ubatnye :P

Cita: Bila cakap sal cita mesti la cita-cita kan? sebabkan post related pasal cinta, so inilah Cita-cita
Saya target nak graduate dengan degree Syariah dan bekerja dalam bidang undang-undang
samada jadi peguam, penasihat undang-undang atau yg berkaitan dan mungkin juga
sebagai seorang pensyarah atau guru syariah :)

ini cita-cita yang jarang kita dengar..
saya bercita-cita untuk menjadi seorang suami :)
saya ingin berkahwin dengan seorang wanita yg akan bersama saya sepanjang hayat saya
dan dengan harapan dia menjadi bidadari di syurga :)

Cinta: Ni kire Khatimah cerita la ni :P

Ya.. saya masih sendiri, belum punya isteri belum punya kerja, belum punya harta
saya juga manusia saya punya perasaan dan saya juga jatuh cinta
hati saya mudah tersentuh bila bicara tentang cinta.
saya ingin cinta saya diredhai Allah
saya ingin DIA yg menjadi permaisuri hati saya menemani saya
membina cita dan harapan
membina keluarga yg harmoni dan taat kepada Allah yg esa
menikmati indahnya cinta yg halal
dan menikmati

Monday, January 17, 2011

This Post Is A Post About Crap

Its not entirely crap if we look at it again.. its just that I just cant find a name for it.. so i just say it is a crappy post... haha...

It has been a long journey in a short while from when i last posted... but here it is.. the story of where I contributed to the world of turtles :) YES turtles as in.. the slow n hard shelled stuff... well they are unique-ly awesome and cute... hahaha... i wish i can put some picture of it but due to the very FAST internet connection, i think i cant do that.. hahaha... but its AWESOME to be there and actually make myself tired just for the turtles... i mean what does it brings to me? what did i get? Seriously... its worth spending money n energy for it ;) and not to forget.. those friend i get to know during that short period of time were AWESOME.. I gotta thank Farahidah for promoting.. n yes.. Mintek, Kerel, Faiz... if its not them, i dont think ill be there.. haha... it was fun and tiring... i still got this muscle ache because of sand plowing.. i personally give myself n khairil the best sand plow-er award... 2 hours non-stop... AWESOME!!!

The next thing that i will be babbling about is SMAC.. thank god i get the chance to join them... Alhamdulillah... the best part was.. after a tiring day in Melaka for the Beach Walk, i went for 400M run... perghhhh... bapak letih wohhh... ahahah.. i can say.. i didnt even do a proper training.. no food control.. I just do what i learned before.. "the first step to win a race is u start running... the second step.... there is no second step.. training is lame.." well this statement clearly is wrong.. haha... but still i didnt get the last place! hahaha... *idk why im bragging about this* well.. though i lose.. i think its worth an experience.. at least im not "mandom" hahaha...

OH yaa.. i actually promised someone that ill make a post specially for that person.. now here it is... Im sorry im a bit late to make this post.. hahah... the thing is i dont have time to do it proper.. but this post was inspired from you.. :) I dont know.. but i still want to find the key to open the door.. i cant find it well due to hectic hell of time... but ill be searching for it as far as i could n i hope youll give a hand! and sorry if i went too far somewhere.. or maybe ive made something wrong.. i wish i could spend more time on searching for the key.. n since u are planning to transfer to other institution, i gotta find it fast! haha...
Seriously.. u are soo sooo sooo funny and adorable.. u are one of a kind that is reaaaaaally hard to find... though sometimes u are like a makcik that mumbles for like most of the time.. and u tend to control people around u to agree with you... its funny and also very cute! haha.. its just like the thing that cheers me up.. I pity u because ur family left to indonesia n leave u behind.. Alalala ciaaaan! :P kitorang kan ade!! kitorang jage laaa!! xpe.. t mak balik gi jumpe puas2.. ade la mak nak kasi bende tu! so STOP crying and start smiling :) im sure.. VERY sure that ur mum is missing you so bad just like how u miss her :D i cant imagine how u cry... and im sure I DONT WANNA SEE IT!! anda kan KUAT! dok smekdaun orang sana sini.. hehe.. takpe.. kite tag team g smekdaun orang same2.. hahah.. n i remembered that you really like this "suke ah tu.. suke suke".. idk WHYYYYY?? kenapa laa suke sangat ngan bnd tu.. hehe.. but at least it makes you laugh... hehe.. but recently you didnt even laugh! idk are you even listening to what i say.. adoii... itu yg tak faham... takpe.. its either its a cliche or you realised that theres nothing funny about it.. hahaha...

This post macam boring kan? tu lah.. tgh malas snanye ni.. sorry i didnt put in any pictures or maybe videos.. it makes this post DULL.. ive to get more inspiration and energy! and yes.. FASTER INTERNET CONNECTION! then ill post something that is worth to read.. hahaha :)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Killing Feeling

How should I even start this? My mood? Im not sure whether im happy or sad.. but this feeling I have right now is totally killing me... Its happy to see what is in front of me.. but it hurts to see what happened on my back.. after looking at it.. its like I was bombarded right on the face.. I was too confident at first.. but it seems that the confidence i have in this case... its not that helping.. How i wish i have the answer.. though i didnt expect to the extend that i actually want. but if i know the answer just a little... it may help me to wait till one point.. the exact point so i can proceed to win the match and be the one to get it.. though its not even a game.. still... this is more to a challenge of life.. another point of life that changes a lot of things..

But why should i suffer so bad this way? i tried so hard to not be demoralized by that.. but even the people who "watch" the game seems to see it at the point where the competitor is in an advantage.. that particular competitor seems to be having not just 1.. BUT!! it seems that he have 4 major advantages that is an impossible for me to have such advantages... though the potential of winning seems to be with me.. the advantages makes him closer to winning... i wont give up! though several times i may be feeling like so.. and i iadmit that this could make me cry my eyes out to win this thing... Ive never be so obsessed to win such match but ive lost once and it really makes me really really SAD!!! ive been suffering this ever since i started it.. even people seems to be seeing me losing though they didnt say it directly.. some dont even notice i was struggling through... THANKS A LOT MR.COMPETITOR.... i think you blew me and make me look so SMALL and makes you look BIG!!! but in a way u are big.. i feel threatened like hell of a threat..

i tried to look at it in a positive manner.. still.. makes me feel terrified.. i can say that if i were to compare the "possession", it is that guy who dominates it.. more to like 65%-35%.... well.. my friends are with me.. even they realize that my current post was threatened,... but i keep it cool.. smile to the opponent.. as if i am not threatened.. but deep inside.. i wish he was dead.. oppss.. sorry.... not dead.. maybe that guy could back up or stop competing... but this guy was the major competitor.. the minor competitor might also suddenly be the winner... im glad that im still standing with some progress.. and the progress seems to be kinda positive... by the time im in my degree.. I PRAY TO ALLAH!! may i win this and may i be getting the best of my fight.. and having the winning of life.. once and for all,,,,

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Usage Of English Among Youth Nowadays

Actually this post is to give my opinion on the usage of English among youth nowadays.. it is to help my friends who is taking english this semester. :)

Well, based on my observation, Actually the usage of English among the youth especially teenagers is quite popular. In fact, me myself, i prefer to write in English rather than Malay. But the usage of English is not widely use in rural areas. As we can see, some Malaysian doesnt even know how to speak proper Malay but they are excellent in English especially the teenagers who lives in urban areas.

The fact that this phenomenon occur due to the exposure in the usage of the English Language in rural areas and also urban areas are different. I make it simple by giving the idea of how people react in the urban areas and also in rural areas.

When A Man/Woman in Urban Areas Speak Malay: these people are seems to be the group of people who have "low" level of education.. therefore they tried to speak english with others

= so usually people in the urban areas seems to be "evolving" and start speaking english until a point that English gradually become their 1st language rather than Malay

When A Man/Woman in Rural Areas Speak English: these people are called "bajet mat saleh" because they speak english in the place where the level of intellectual is a bit low(i didnt say that they are stupid) but you can judge by yourself whether its true or not.

= so these group of people, they will eventually feel shy and this will stop them from using english to communicate and this eventually cause them to be very weak in speaking English.

the fact that i have a friend from kedah who actually really-really like to speak English.. but due to the surrounding community, he feels like his interest in English is imprisoned. but when he went to the university.. I can really-really see that his ability in english is very impressive..

The point that im trying to tell is the difference between the rural area and the urban areas on the usage of english and the factors that affects the usage of English.

to simplify it:
1. the usage of english is quite popular among youth from urban areas
2. it is less popular among the youth in the rural areas
3. The factors of why the usage in Urban areas is more popular than in the rural areas.

i dont know whether this helps tyou guys.. but i just give my opinion i ideas on this.. u guys just take the ideas and make your own words

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Mock Trial Wa Ghairuha :)

Jabir-Abdullah(JAY),Khadijah the awesome sister n Norela Ahmat AWESOMEST MOM!

With Bismillah I start this post...

Alhamdulillah.. Mock Trial: Jelita is over.. and not just an ordinary over.. Jelita was a HIT! It is LEGENDARY!!!! Im not saying this because im one of the actor.. but this is from the feedback from the awesomest FRIENDS and also other people who watch this Mock Trial. Thanks for watching everybody! :)

First of all.. It has been 2 month of practice of JELITA... and yes.. it is tiring yet AWESOME.. we all have been "torchered" by our Director.. ha ha.. but its cool for me because he got the VISION on where and how he want the Mock Trial to work... I dont have any idea on what to say.. so i just tell a story based on pictures.. and maybe some videos

Ouch! THAT is going to HURT!

Haa... Terkejut ke? well.. he dont get slapped for anything.. he asked daus to slap him to get his FEEL... so now u see how hard we worked for this.. or lets say that.. IT HURTS! ha ha ha.. But I think the hard work pays off at the end of the day.. we had a lot of fun.. THANK YOU MOCK TRIAL CREW!!! And special thanks to Zaqquan as the PM.. without him.. theres no JELITA.. and of course.. Tasmina Binti Hishamuddin!!! such a g
reat actress.. she made me cry :') she was MIND BLASTING! happy to have you as a friend Amalina! YOU ARE AWESOME!!

Before AND After GAY!
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Not to worry im not a real gay or any other name for it.. ha ha ha.. but ill say that acting like one is a reaaaaaaal hard work.. they say i look pretty! ha ha ha!! i don't know how to respond.. should i be happy or angry? i don't wanna look gay! but its hard not to be happy.. ha ha ha.. orang puji kot! kalah pompuan tu haa.... oyehh.. CHOOOOOIIIII!!!!! :P

Siapa Lagi Cantik? Ha ha ha!!

this picture was taken after the show.. and i was shocked to see such embarassing picture.. ha ha.. a second i think for myself.. do I really look THAT GAY????? hahaha... oh yess.. i hate to see myself in the video during mock trial.. that is soo soooooo GAY!*kutuk diri sendiri gila-gila*
this is the picture of me n Fatin Nabilah :) muka yang sangat girlish VS a real girl :P

My Picture with my beloved mother and sister :)*kak paan also in the pic!*

Much Much Much Much LOVE to Ummi n dijah because both of you came and support me :')
and tonnes of sorry for Dzar n Afnan because i didnt get to buy you guys the ticket.. but if i get the videos... i promise ill give it :) and also Kak Paan!! Thanks for coming! glad to have a senior like u in AIKOL :)

Lastly.. Praise to ALLAH for making our day such a happy day! wherever we go.. I know u'll always be with us! :) :) :) :) :)


And special thanks to Zatie Razak who borrowes me the BB for the internet! :) such a great friend i have here in IIUM :)