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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

HOT TOPIC!! Bavani vs Sharifah Zohra Jabeen

No need for more introduction of what is it. I'm pretty sure that everyone knows what is it all about.

Here and now I would just like to share my opinion on what has happened.

As from my point of view, I would make them as two separate parts. What Bavani is saying and the

response by Sharifah Zohra Jabeen. And then I would summarize both.

Firstly, lets look at the opinion made by Bavani. Looking at the gesture of Bavani when she speaks,

shows that she kind of have the confidence while talking like a debater. Plus the fact that she puts up

many facts and examples on her point which is very good and convincing. Even for me, I think it

should have been done that way in giving opinion. At the end of the day we know that her question was

"why not Malaysia do the same?" If she had not state the fact, the question might be easily be answered

without referring to the facts as well. Meaning to say, she had her question and some example that

what had been done is possible to be done! Besides, when she talks about the rally, the decision by the

court. Shows that she really take note on what is the effect of the decision by the court. Again I think

this is a very good example in stating an opinion. Not just relying on our thinking faculty, we also take

reference from the facts and things happening around us. Because sometimes our mind doesn't reach

that point yet but there's a fact to digest and to be learned from. I'm not blaming her to look as if she is

disrespecting Sharifah Zohra. It's natural for someone who speaks in front of public to be quite

nervous and the fact that she had the nerve to voice her opinion which is rather opposite from

Sharifah Zohra's stand. Thus she might accidentally raised her voice. I happened to be having the

same thing(raising voice while nervous). So its not her showing disrespect to the panelist. Done with

Bavani's opinion.

Now, we look at the response. Sharifah Zohra seems to be very emotional even from the start. Well,

lets look at the simpler part of it. She is a woman with guts. BUT. A woman is a woman indeed. they

easily sink in emotion. That is why she stops her by saying "Listen" quite a million times. Ok it MIGHT

have nothing to do with what were dealing. I said MIGHT, but from what I saw, she is being emotional

when she stops Bavani and pulled the mike. FOR GOD OF HEAVEN AND EARTH'S sake, she

PULLED the mike! She then gave a statement that is really unreasonable and in an unusual manner.

"When this is our program, we allow you to speak, but when I speak, you LISTEN" and she continued

"LET ME SPEAK" for about seven times. Shows that, this is not a two way communication. It is made

AS IF it is a two way dialogue. But when she listens the unwanted, there goes the two way. It is

merely a play by organizer perhaps. plus the fact that the man's statement "We have heard enough from

her, Now we want to listen". Bavani have not even finish her submission! And thus, we hear Sharifah

Zohra speaks. This is INTERESTING I tell you. "Did I give her respect" and the audience answered

 "YES". Well, I beg to differ, It's obvious that she does not! Her definition of respect is go to Bavani,

shake hands with her and gave her respect(what again?) and then she starts on blaming Bavani for her

"attitude". The audience seems to be agreeing. Weird huh? The forum is to discuss about politics and

university students right? Am I wrong? Or is it a forum about moral etiquette? You answer the

question. Moving on. She seems to be going to the question by Bavani. SEEMS to be. But she said

NOT to compare Malaysia with other countries and she questions. WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN

MALAYSIA? Well, I thought Tun Dr. Mahathir have this "dasar pandang ke timur" look to the east.

is it merely looking to the east? NO! LOOK AT JAPAN! And learn from what Japan did. This is what

Bavani seems to be applying isn't it? taking a good example for us to learn from? Back to what

Sharifah Zohra's response. She said that all students in that hall are happy with the govt. Really?

any facts? oh yeah. the crowd. Then she moves forward leaving the question with no solid answer.

BERSIH, she said you have to know the difference between anarchy and democracy, Ambiga and the

Demonstration which is quite nothing to be discussed on, and then she looked down and defaming

Bavani by saying that Bavani have the least of education. which is..... RESPECT THE ADULTS, THE

AGE GAP. I mean like. I don't see Bavani used any harsh words, any bad words or whatever it is that

shows disrespect! Fine, I'll explain more after we finish her(Sharifah Zohra's) point. This is where it


BIRD---SHARKS! then she asks DO WE EVER FIGHT FOR THEIR RIGHTS? I'll answer it later.

Later she tried to "agree" with Ambiga which is the human right which is to speak(in which she had

just hold the right of Bavani to speak) and then she continues "IF YOU ARE NOT HAPPY, YOU

ARE VERY MUCH ?? TO OTHER UNIVERSITY" and then she mumbles some BS-es.

So, summarizing and yet explaining some of the unanswered mystery.

1. I see that Sharifah Zohra does not deliver any facts. While Bavani does.

2. If we are not happy with what the govt is doing, it is their job to rectify

3. The manner of respect. Bavani is a non-Muslim. But Sharifah Zohra is. She should have learnt in

Pendidikan Islam that when Imam of Madh-habs was still young and people older then them respects

 them.  Sultan Muhammad Al-Fateh was young when he ruled the army. Besides, morally speaking,

It should be the elder's job to show what is respect. If I were to follow this example, respect is,

younger person will never let to speak and voice any opinion opposed to the elder. Elder people can

cut off any younger peoples speech anytime. And it is still respect.

4. Animal's problem and rights. Domestic animals(Cats and Dogs) we have the SPCA. For fish, Lambs

and Cows, well, they are basically the food that we consume, THEY HAVE A THING CALLED

A FARM, A BARN and some fish even have a place that they breed the fish! SHARKS? Well I wonder

if the president of SW1M have heard about a thing called WWF?

Thus, can be concluded, Bavani discussed with the rights of students for FREE EDUCATION and

BERSIH IS LAWFUL. Meanwhile Sharifah Zohra Jabeen is dealing with animals and answers by

her? you can say there's none.

P/S: If I offended some people, I would really apologize. But depend on who is having the BUTTHURT. Secondly, I really hope that University is where the minds of students expands. As the Aim of a university itself. Be wise in an argument. Don't talk crap. It shows your level of intelligence. Its not a Degree or an O-Level

Friday, June 15, 2012

4 month left for dead

Whoa. Okay so dah 4 bulan tak edit blog. LOL completely neglected for the whole semester dude! sorry bro! Well, I kind of got busy and its scary enough that i didn't get secured internet connection and thats the reason why i cant actually go on with blogging, its not that i dont want to but, you didnt have to cut me up. (oops) but yeahh.. im trying to at least post once a month. ive lost my skill of typing. and as usual my writing mostly are boring, isnt it?

p/s: if you guys have any topics for me to mumble on, please do so in the comment section ;)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2011 Wrapped UP (Part 2)

Okay cut to the chase, leave the sad part behind! now for the Happy part of 2011 :)

Mu'adh , Ummi and Khadijah

Okay so the first picture is about my mother's and my sister's birthday celebration :)
So we celebrated their birthday this year a little bit different. With my brothers fiancee around, Mu'adh's Girlfriend and friend around and yeah. As you all know, Najwa Latif also kind of, Celebrated the birthday too! Special credits to Najwa Latif, thanks for the video :D and also my sister got a very special present, a limited edition , Iphone3gs from Najwa Latif! See! told ya it was special!

This is me and Najwa Latif in a car From Putrajaya

Okay firstly, NO SPECULATION NO GOSSIP! LOL. I'll make this story very clear now. So, Fadilah Ahmad and I went to Frinjan in Putrajaya by public transport. we went there to support Najwa Latif. On that day, theres not much people around as the place seems to be quite remote and when we arrived, theres nobody disturbing her. So we stopped by her to say hi. It makes me quite happy and shocked too that she remembered the first time we met at the SACC Shah Alam during one of my relatives wedding and she also remembered that I tweet-ed her! not to forget kak ika who also remembered me :D

Then after we spent our time there, she was about to go somewhere else and we also want to go back home, it started to rain. And then they(br. azhari, najwa latif and kak ika) ask us, how are we going back. We said "by taxi" and we started walking in the rain. Fadilah and I was talking and imagining that they would stop us and give us a ride to a nearest taxi stop. And guess what? Their car stopped in front of us, Najwa Latif came out and shouted "Korang! Jom la naik dengan kitorang!" and so I was like "SEERIOUSLY?? IS THIS REALLY HAPPENING?"

So we accepted and we entered the car with happiness. We only thought that they would stop at the nearest taxi stop. BUT WE WERE WRONG. We went all the way from Putrajaya to Petaling Jaya!!!! So this picture was taken when we are inside the car. Sorry Wawa! malu sangat nak btau nak hamek gambar dalam kereta masa tu. :P We had a very great time in the car. We talked and chatted and have some joke with them as if we are not a stranger to them at that time :) I just can't believe that they are so kind hearted to us! And later that day, Najwa tweeted something about me and Fadilah came to Putrajaya to support her :') I melted for the whole day :P

Najwa Performing at the wedding in SACC

Okay sorry because things are messed up. But I've mentioned that I met her for the first time in SACC. So this is when she was performing and I shouted "FUIYOO! SEBIJIK MACAM DALAM YOUTUBE!" If she remembers. Im glad :P But this is not how she remembers me :P We met outside of the Ballroom. She was about to go back and I actually wanted to go to the toilet but then I saw her going the other way. So I turned and chased her just to take picture with her :) the picture was now my Avatar in Twitter(4/1/2012). I took pictures with her and the moment her sister (kak ika) came to help me take the picture, my phone died T.T and that is the reason why Kak Ika remembered me :P and I obtained the business card later on :) Never did I know this was the point that I start my friendship with Najwa Latif. :) I am such a happy guy since then :P
Najwa Latif and Khadijah at UiTM SS17

Okay so this is when I bought the ip3gs from najwa for my sister and this was the day Najwa Latif was announced to be the finalist for AJL :) We went there to support :D So this picture is taken at the same day when I recorded Najwa's Birthday wish for my Mother and my sister. :) On Najwa's hand is a scrapbook/journal made by Fadilah Ahmad and on my sisters hand is Najwa Latif's present for my sister. Isn't it awesome that najwa gave something to my sister? We didn't see it coming but She is one lucky girl :D

So done with the pictured story. Want to continue with the unpictured story or you still need the pictures? choice given.

The stories which I have the picture but un-uploaded yet

1. Met Aaron Aziz during the shooting for Najwa Latif's MV Sahabat :) and Najwa Latif's shooting

2. Met Tun Dr Mahathir in Yayasan Bukhari for the War Crimes Tribunal

3. I met Elfira Loy in One Utama when I was forever alone

4. Met Matluthfi when lepak-ing with my cousin Afnan

So do you want the story to be written with pictures or just words? :)

That's All for now and Happy new year 2012 :) new year, old resolution but amended :D

2011 Wrapped UP (Part 1)

Salam and what is up guys?

Me? 2011 was A-W-E-S-O-M-E

Well. Mostly. 2011 are treating me like a Man rather than a Cute boy which I am glad I'm not a cute boy.

So. If my fellow readers recall my posts for 2011. most of em mainly talks about a girl I love, the girl I fancied for more than a year :P

And I'm here with a sad news or perhaps a good news or whatever the type of news you want to name it.

So this girl, she finally ANSWERED my question, my so called "proposal" of making her the only candidate for a wife. AND THE ANSWER IS...... *Ba Dum Tsssss*

she said NO :) :| :\ :'(

Some people asks me.
1.Am I okay with it?
2.Can I deal with it?
3.How do I feel after the wait for 1 year+ and answer is NO?

So this first post is the answer for all the question about LOVE that reaches its end.

1. I am okay with it of course. I'm glad at least she answered the call with the answer that wraps up everything. It's a lie that I'm not sad with the answer. But for the knowledge of fellow reader(if there is any reader), I am well prepared for any kind of answer. As a man, I learn to respect a decision made. Love isn't about force after all right?

2. I can deal with it. Frankly speaking, I cried, I smiled, I learned, I bear with it with all my heart. Self motivation, religious support, family's support, friend's support. I manage to get myself a bit managed. though I'm not standing on my feet currently.

3. How do I feel? I feel good and sad simultaneously. I miss her and I have not really moved on with it. But I'm not chasing it. I feel good because I now know that I don't have to wait any longer and I'm literally free from waiting :) I feel sad because I really love her.

So I guess maybe she's just not the one for me. But who knows?

And a thing that I had planted in my mind, I won't really be looking for a new one, as it seems pathetic. But! I didn't make myself unavailable. It's just that. The next girl who I might be falling for have to be extra-ordinary or extra-terrestrial :P

So that's it folks. The question answered. :)

And yeah. Some of my friends told me I should've moved on earlier than this. but guys,
it is not about that. I love her. despite theres big events that happens to be the reason why you guys think I should move on, i forgave her and still be loving her. Reason? No reason actually. I just don't see myself giving up on her before my promise had been fulfilled or she gave the answer.

oh ya. Some people asks what is the BIGGEST event that causes me to cry the most when I am waiting for her?

The Answer: I went to T*****G, P***K, Malaysia , which is the place she lives. I told her a few weeks before the day I went there. And so the day before that, I reminded her and she said "insya-Allah". But during the day of event. she went to I**h, so, I didn't get to meet her. What is the conflict? I was alone, no money, no one around, no place to sleep and I'm in a place I'm not familiar with. So during earlier that day, I was with Illya and Rasyid. But both are unavailable for me to stay with~And that night, I've decided to sleep in a mosque.

The night in the mosque, theres an old man which is less sane than a normal guy. He scares shit out of me =,= and I can't get a sleep that night. Feeling unsafe, feeling sad, feeling lonely and alone. What can I do?

Later that morning, I was performing the Subuh prayer, another shit happens. One of my bag was stolen. luckily i kept the money and my phone on other bag. So inside the stolen bag was my charger, some of my undergarments, and my toiletries. Still it costs some money but lucky enough my money which I needed are kept un-disturbed. And lucky enough again, the thief who stole my stuff thrown all my stuff on the ground as they are not that valuable to be stolen outside the mosque. And so I called for some SOS and luckily they are available to help. CREDITS GOES TO FARIEZA and FA ZO :') thanks for saving me :')

and only after that I went to my safe zone, KULIM :D

So that incidence was the big event that causes my closest friend to be very furious and asks me to stop.

P/s: I didn't really blame that girl because it may be inevitable to go somewhere that day :)

1st post. Done.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Just a piece of mind drawn with alphabets

Phew, again. I think you guys already know how will I start the post. Each and every time after decades of drought of words and posts in my blog. Thus, I think it's okay for me to just skip the part where I apologize and "lie" to you all about wanting to be active again in blogging. LOL.

Okay so the thing is. As this blog been left alone for quite a time, suddenly i noticed that the number of readers is now 70! Okay fine I know 70 is a very small amount. SHH! lemme get to the point on why am I so excited about this stuff. My blog is no cool blog(not the CoolBlog drink n stuff) and not an extraordinary blog where fancy stuff are posted and promoted. Therefore, 70 people who subscribed this somewhat a personal blog is a huge number for me.

Next, The trolling session.



Okay im done trolling. pheww...

And before the post is ended. Just telling in case you guys are wondering. Currently!

Jabir-Abdullah Amir

1. Had re-activate his facebook account due to important issues

2. Is now doing his final semester in the centre for foundation studies IIUM.
2.1: He is taking 3 subjects namely
2.1.1: Arabic Listening Skill
2.1.2: Arabic Speaking Skill
2.1.3: Law And Society.

3. Currently working as a host at A&W SS2(part-time) during weekends

4. Still single and still waiting for the expected date

5. Had a problem of time management and discipline

6. May be having some health difficulties. (No worries. not a big issue unless been told)

7. Desperate =,=

8. Addicted to....... wait. im not addicted

9. Had not read any newspapers recently and getting very left behind

10. shortage of financial budget.

BUT! all of this is not a big deal. well. several are.

The thing that matters most to me is, I should be happy, I should be thankful to Allah for everything :)

And lastly but not leastly (I know my language is getting worse)

I created this post! AGAIN! for someone who meant a lot to me :)

That person is.... wait, just guess from the characteristics given. You guys are great stalkers. come on! :-

1. A person who went to Langkawi recently
2. A person who obtained good grades in her last semester
3. A person who makes me smiles and cry in a short period
4. A person who makes me feel confused! ahaha
5. A person which is very cute and seems to be a bit childish at times
6. A person who I miss A LOT!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Just Telling And Making Things Clear

How to say it in a human language? Hurm. Okay.

As I believe, you guys might have notice that the name Jabir-Abdullah Amir has no longer in your timeline in Facebook. Or maybe you just don't really care.

Anyhow, for you guys who might have noticed it and been wondering where the heaven and hell on earth is Jabir-Abdullah Amir on Facebook (especially who always been contacting me, stalking me, asking me questions, tagging me, messaging me, commenting on my wall, posting on my wall, group discussion, AND POKE ME). I declare hereby, Jabir-Abdullah Amir had Deactivated the Facebook Account!

Ok. I know you would ask that question. The answer is:-

No, It's not entirely because of that, But something to do with that. Anyway, the absolute reason was I did it randomly and trust me when I say. Shit happens the day I was about to do it! so it seems like im deactivating it because of that. Im not that lame and desperate or emo just because of that!

However, to answer the next question arises. You can reach me Using the comments section below, Formspring or Twitter :) link given on the right side of my blog.

Im not going to make this post long but just to inform, its not the reason in your mind and i might just want some space. oh wait. I already got the space bar (lame joke i know)