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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2011 Wrapped UP (Part 2)

Okay cut to the chase, leave the sad part behind! now for the Happy part of 2011 :)

Mu'adh , Ummi and Khadijah

Okay so the first picture is about my mother's and my sister's birthday celebration :)
So we celebrated their birthday this year a little bit different. With my brothers fiancee around, Mu'adh's Girlfriend and friend around and yeah. As you all know, Najwa Latif also kind of, Celebrated the birthday too! Special credits to Najwa Latif, thanks for the video :D and also my sister got a very special present, a limited edition , Iphone3gs from Najwa Latif! See! told ya it was special!

This is me and Najwa Latif in a car From Putrajaya

Okay firstly, NO SPECULATION NO GOSSIP! LOL. I'll make this story very clear now. So, Fadilah Ahmad and I went to Frinjan in Putrajaya by public transport. we went there to support Najwa Latif. On that day, theres not much people around as the place seems to be quite remote and when we arrived, theres nobody disturbing her. So we stopped by her to say hi. It makes me quite happy and shocked too that she remembered the first time we met at the SACC Shah Alam during one of my relatives wedding and she also remembered that I tweet-ed her! not to forget kak ika who also remembered me :D

Then after we spent our time there, she was about to go somewhere else and we also want to go back home, it started to rain. And then they(br. azhari, najwa latif and kak ika) ask us, how are we going back. We said "by taxi" and we started walking in the rain. Fadilah and I was talking and imagining that they would stop us and give us a ride to a nearest taxi stop. And guess what? Their car stopped in front of us, Najwa Latif came out and shouted "Korang! Jom la naik dengan kitorang!" and so I was like "SEERIOUSLY?? IS THIS REALLY HAPPENING?"

So we accepted and we entered the car with happiness. We only thought that they would stop at the nearest taxi stop. BUT WE WERE WRONG. We went all the way from Putrajaya to Petaling Jaya!!!! So this picture was taken when we are inside the car. Sorry Wawa! malu sangat nak btau nak hamek gambar dalam kereta masa tu. :P We had a very great time in the car. We talked and chatted and have some joke with them as if we are not a stranger to them at that time :) I just can't believe that they are so kind hearted to us! And later that day, Najwa tweeted something about me and Fadilah came to Putrajaya to support her :') I melted for the whole day :P

Najwa Performing at the wedding in SACC

Okay sorry because things are messed up. But I've mentioned that I met her for the first time in SACC. So this is when she was performing and I shouted "FUIYOO! SEBIJIK MACAM DALAM YOUTUBE!" If she remembers. Im glad :P But this is not how she remembers me :P We met outside of the Ballroom. She was about to go back and I actually wanted to go to the toilet but then I saw her going the other way. So I turned and chased her just to take picture with her :) the picture was now my Avatar in Twitter(4/1/2012). I took pictures with her and the moment her sister (kak ika) came to help me take the picture, my phone died T.T and that is the reason why Kak Ika remembered me :P and I obtained the business card later on :) Never did I know this was the point that I start my friendship with Najwa Latif. :) I am such a happy guy since then :P
Najwa Latif and Khadijah at UiTM SS17

Okay so this is when I bought the ip3gs from najwa for my sister and this was the day Najwa Latif was announced to be the finalist for AJL :) We went there to support :D So this picture is taken at the same day when I recorded Najwa's Birthday wish for my Mother and my sister. :) On Najwa's hand is a scrapbook/journal made by Fadilah Ahmad and on my sisters hand is Najwa Latif's present for my sister. Isn't it awesome that najwa gave something to my sister? We didn't see it coming but She is one lucky girl :D

So done with the pictured story. Want to continue with the unpictured story or you still need the pictures? choice given.

The stories which I have the picture but un-uploaded yet

1. Met Aaron Aziz during the shooting for Najwa Latif's MV Sahabat :) and Najwa Latif's shooting

2. Met Tun Dr Mahathir in Yayasan Bukhari for the War Crimes Tribunal

3. I met Elfira Loy in One Utama when I was forever alone

4. Met Matluthfi when lepak-ing with my cousin Afnan

So do you want the story to be written with pictures or just words? :)

That's All for now and Happy new year 2012 :) new year, old resolution but amended :D