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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2011 Wrapped UP (Part 1)

Salam and what is up guys?

Me? 2011 was A-W-E-S-O-M-E

Well. Mostly. 2011 are treating me like a Man rather than a Cute boy which I am glad I'm not a cute boy.

So. If my fellow readers recall my posts for 2011. most of em mainly talks about a girl I love, the girl I fancied for more than a year :P

And I'm here with a sad news or perhaps a good news or whatever the type of news you want to name it.

So this girl, she finally ANSWERED my question, my so called "proposal" of making her the only candidate for a wife. AND THE ANSWER IS...... *Ba Dum Tsssss*

she said NO :) :| :\ :'(

Some people asks me.
1.Am I okay with it?
2.Can I deal with it?
3.How do I feel after the wait for 1 year+ and answer is NO?

So this first post is the answer for all the question about LOVE that reaches its end.

1. I am okay with it of course. I'm glad at least she answered the call with the answer that wraps up everything. It's a lie that I'm not sad with the answer. But for the knowledge of fellow reader(if there is any reader), I am well prepared for any kind of answer. As a man, I learn to respect a decision made. Love isn't about force after all right?

2. I can deal with it. Frankly speaking, I cried, I smiled, I learned, I bear with it with all my heart. Self motivation, religious support, family's support, friend's support. I manage to get myself a bit managed. though I'm not standing on my feet currently.

3. How do I feel? I feel good and sad simultaneously. I miss her and I have not really moved on with it. But I'm not chasing it. I feel good because I now know that I don't have to wait any longer and I'm literally free from waiting :) I feel sad because I really love her.

So I guess maybe she's just not the one for me. But who knows?

And a thing that I had planted in my mind, I won't really be looking for a new one, as it seems pathetic. But! I didn't make myself unavailable. It's just that. The next girl who I might be falling for have to be extra-ordinary or extra-terrestrial :P

So that's it folks. The question answered. :)

And yeah. Some of my friends told me I should've moved on earlier than this. but guys,
it is not about that. I love her. despite theres big events that happens to be the reason why you guys think I should move on, i forgave her and still be loving her. Reason? No reason actually. I just don't see myself giving up on her before my promise had been fulfilled or she gave the answer.

oh ya. Some people asks what is the BIGGEST event that causes me to cry the most when I am waiting for her?

The Answer: I went to T*****G, P***K, Malaysia , which is the place she lives. I told her a few weeks before the day I went there. And so the day before that, I reminded her and she said "insya-Allah". But during the day of event. she went to I**h, so, I didn't get to meet her. What is the conflict? I was alone, no money, no one around, no place to sleep and I'm in a place I'm not familiar with. So during earlier that day, I was with Illya and Rasyid. But both are unavailable for me to stay with~And that night, I've decided to sleep in a mosque.

The night in the mosque, theres an old man which is less sane than a normal guy. He scares shit out of me =,= and I can't get a sleep that night. Feeling unsafe, feeling sad, feeling lonely and alone. What can I do?

Later that morning, I was performing the Subuh prayer, another shit happens. One of my bag was stolen. luckily i kept the money and my phone on other bag. So inside the stolen bag was my charger, some of my undergarments, and my toiletries. Still it costs some money but lucky enough my money which I needed are kept un-disturbed. And lucky enough again, the thief who stole my stuff thrown all my stuff on the ground as they are not that valuable to be stolen outside the mosque. And so I called for some SOS and luckily they are available to help. CREDITS GOES TO FARIEZA and FA ZO :') thanks for saving me :')

and only after that I went to my safe zone, KULIM :D

So that incidence was the big event that causes my closest friend to be very furious and asks me to stop.

P/s: I didn't really blame that girl because it may be inevitable to go somewhere that day :)

1st post. Done.

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