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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Uhibbu Biladi Malizia

Warna Jersi Yang Dipakai Pada Malam Final AFF Suzuki

This is MY Jersey that i made
Using the facebook Application

Alhamdulillah... Malaysia succesfully won the AFF Suzuki after so many years of this event.. I'm not really a HUGE fan of Malaysian football.. but that doesnt mean i don't support Malaysian football.. though most of the time I condemned the players due to their attitude... but the final match(1st leg and 2nd leg) shows the increase in the quality of the game play.. Much respect to Rajagopal for being such an amazing coach... and yes! FAHMI.. I can say he's the man of those match... such a great keeper... not to forget Safee who played really-really great.. its awesome to witness their winning though i just watch in on the television.. but the HARIMAU MALAYA really shows their quality...

for the first leg, im not suprised that Malaysia won because they really control the game well.. and even the goals were spectacular! I just wish i could watch it in the stadium that day.. it was worth to watch! for the second leg.. i too.. was not suprised that Indonesia won that match(though they lose the aggregate by 4-2). Much respect for Nasuha, the Indonesian player for the great skill shown during the match.

Nasuha(Indonesian player)

Not to forget, Safee Sali, the TOP SCORER for the cup... YOU ARE AWESOME!!
hope that more Malaysian players could actually be as good as him.. or maybe BETTER than him..

To all Malaysian, especially the players, dont forget to make the sujud syukur for the winning... In whatever we do, our acheivement is always n never from other than Allah :)

Lastly... I hope that the Malaysian squad will keep this AWESOMENESS consistently.. and for the indonesian team.. thanks for the great fight.. may the GARUDA will meet again with the TIGER in other match.. much respect to both teams :)

Monday, December 27, 2010

Journey Of Life

Sebelum mula, nak iklankan selipar Croc baruku
Timekasih byk lah sape teman beli haritu!

Wooh.. Akhirnya dapat jugak masa nak update balik blog ni.. pergh... kesibukan dan ketiadaan internet merupakan punca utama tertangguhnya blog ni... (alasan je tu).. so in this precious moment, let me just share a lil bit of what i have, what i get, what i learned on the past few weeks.. or lets just say.. the month.. of December :)

First of all... this month is one hell of a month! seriously im so freakingly tired.. especially about the mooting workshop thingy.. well.. the story is quite pathetic.. but i wanna include this

Ada apa dengan gambar ini??? haaa.. this is the story... this is the day that Shakinah told me to get the approval for the proposal for the mooting workshop.. i can say... due to the way i dressed up... it makes my day very much in ease.. without any problem, i went to the Department of Law to meet up with the head of department to get the approval.. within minutes i send the proposal, the HoD approves without any problem... BUT!! its sad that it doesnt finish that way... theres a bad thing... very bad thing happened the next monday(of ya... i dressed up like in the picture on friday).. I went back to the Department to get the signature of the head of department on behalf of the Arts programe dean(or maybe D.Dean.. im not sure).. that is when the HELL starts.. all of a sudden, our budget proposal was again being checked and this time... theres a lot of money that is being cut by the HoD~~.. at that moment, my heart feels like it is going to stop! haha... but finally.. long story short, after a few discussion with the advisor n a little change.. the problem is solved and we only have to wait for the day to come.. huuuuu

Next! this is like the happier part of the month... MOCK TRIAL... yes! I love to say that I love the cast and crew for Mock Trial... Though there are a little bit of conflict during the training n stuff.. mock trial is still awesome... from the director, Putra Haziq, Programme Manager, Zaqquan, And also the main actress, Amalina... they are AWESOME.. i say! AWESOME!!! and also the otheer actor(too much to be stated)... the ticket or its better to say Invitation card.. oh yaa.. Invitation card.. i got the picture of it.. haha.. but just the envelope.. but youll be suprised when u look inside! :P

Haha.. btw.. please do ignore the name on the envelope! haha.. what to do.. because it is written that way.. so i decided to take picture of it.. haha... anyways... The poster for JELITA really makes the mock trial much more interesting... i really like the way Amalina's face are captured and put into the poster.. it really shows the puaka-ness of the evil girl.. hahaha... btw.. this is the poster :)

haaa... kan kan kan? he he he... oh btw.. not to forget.. the Trailer for mock trial.. i really like the effect... so if you are about to watch the trailer.. i suggest to watch it either using headphone/earphone or by increasing your speaker volume to the loudest you can... and watch the trailer.. you will get the feeling.. haha.. you may watch the trailer here :)


it is a not to be missed event! make sure you already have your own ticket!! haha!
so i think thats all i can write for today... i just want to include a little bit more picture that can be related with Mock Trial... or maybe some out of topic.. hahaha

Friends, Meet Gonox! She's FUNNY and adorable.. hahaha
fav quote "aku natrah!" n "toopan"

Nazir, bestest friend.. hahah.. sumpah rajin gila!
dia tech director, dia yg urus prop.. kesian.. byk keja dia
oh ya.. NAZIR! buat FB cepat!

NI Kerusi yang dipatahkan semasa latihan Mock Trial..
Hahaha.. siapa individu yg bertanggungjawab?
ini yg kita x tahu.. hahaha

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Awal Muharram

Salam Ma'al HIjrah. Moga kita boleh cuba berusaha untuk berubah untuk menjadi insan yang lebih baik :)

walaupun pada dasarnya kita seharusnya muhasabah diri kita dan cuba untuk menjadi yang lebih baik setiap hari... Imam Ghazali pernah mengatakan bahawasanya, hari ini perlu menjadi lebih baik dari semalam dan hari esok perlu lebih baik dari hari ini, jika hari ini lebih teruk dari semalam maka celakalah orang itu O,o.. maka sesungguhnya kita tidak mahu menjadi golongan yang celaka :O

Lagipun kita harus sedar bahawasanya Allah tidak akan mengubah sesebuah kaum itu melainkan kita berusaha untuk mengubah diri kita sendiri :D

Jadi harap-harap la kita dapat berusaha dan berazam untuk tahun baru ini, kita dapat realisasikan dan berubah menjadi insan yang mengabdikan diri kepada Allah S.W.T dan menyumbang sesuatu kepada perkembangan Islam dan kepada Dunia ini sendiri :D

Wallahu a'lam :)

Qurban 2010 :)

Bismillah... it is considered as late for me to publish a post about my qurban holiday.. the fact that i dongt have any pictures to be posted to share about Eid Al-Adha... but that doesnt mean i cant post something right? so let me start with looking back at the history of our prophets Ibrahim and Ismail.. When Allah commanded Ibrahim to slaughter his own son(Ismail) , Ibrahim shows the loyality and total submission to Allah as he told ismail that he should slaughter ismail.. so then, when Ibrahim as about to slaughter Ismail, Allah SWT changed ismail with an animal... so thats a brief history about the Ibadah of Qurban :)

I think that should be enough to be shared..

Saturday, November 20, 2010

1st quarter of sem 2 :)

Wahh... Akhirnya tiba cuti selama 5 hari setelah menghadapi minggu2 yang sibuk dan penuh dengan perkara2 yang menyebabkan kepala ini pusing.. ditambah pula dengan masalah kewangan.. hehe... tapi... Sebagai seorang remaja Muslim yang yakin denga janji Allah.. Dalam setiap kesusahan ada kesenangan :) maka, tetap aku bertahan sedaya mungkin menghadapi segala ujian dengan cekal.. fuh... lega... apa yang berlaku beberapa untuk minggu2 sebelum eid?

maka telah dijadikan kisah... balik UIA awal sebelum sem 2 mula... brief untuk Legal Theatre...
then induction for Sayembara Puisi.... Making Poster for CMC's Stand Cinema... then the hectic life keep on going because of meeting and also theatre practice... then 1 day..... pegi check Fitness... dia kata lembik.. kena makan byk n excercise.. since then.. is tart to jog and eat more.. pastu duit makin kering.... so then.. kena keluar duit pulak for the club.. hehe.. malam sebelum hari final legal theatre n sayembara puisi tu... Putra Haziq semangat suroh bangun kul 6..buat latihan la.. kononnye dia nak datang.. tapi skali tgk dia x muncul2.. hehe... tapi xpe.. malam 10 tu pon bermula.. jadi PC sayembara night mmg x mudah.. Serabut kepala.. sikit lagi nak botak... dah tu pulak.. boleh pulak group Dikir barat nak amik Gong.. tpakse la aku gi naik pentas buat muka tebal pi amik gong n tukar ngan bunyi ayamn.. ahaha... pastu lak terus solek n blakon theatre... serious letih.... habis je tu... kitorang sibuk dok jaga booth MeLEX.. hehe.. Pojan char koey Teow.. ngan Barbican,... si Gonox lak wat aku x benti gelak.. nada dia cakap. " Aaa.. Cakoteau" sumpah legend! hehehe..... yang aku, nazir, illya n zaqquan ni dok terhimpit ngan assignment ILH.. hehe.. dalam keadaan tu sempat lagi kitorang main PAINT BALL :) dapt jugak num 3... walaupun kapten asek mati kene headshot kan.. tapi team FMC tetap mantap :)
malam masa ada Islamic musical night tu.. aku punya semangat dt awal dok depan.. tapi pastu kena halau belakang.. menyirap bro! bayar 5 hinggit.. pastu kena halau blakang.. mmg PC event SAMPAH! sorry to say but mmg FAIL! but xpe lah.. da lepas..,. then the closing ceremony.. mmmg masa ni sume orang nga berhrap dapat event terbaik la.. hehe.. masa tu team FMC and MeLEX dok skali. kami menyengal kan diri.. wat lagu koir masa nyanyi lagu Negaraku n buat backup singer ntuk lagu CFS.. MANTAP! pastu Putra Haziq wat perf... sumpah bes.. pastu ada babak2 gila... hehe.. malas diungkap.. tapi pusingan yg aku buat masa dia nyanyi lagu sway mmg x leh blah la.. hehe.. :P but the end of this quarter is.. i ran out of money, my credits out.. and yeah.. miskin gila... :(

Oh... there is still a lot to tell abt Eid.,. but ill post it on other post... hehe...

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sayembara Puisi Night

Untuk event Raudhah Festival(Rafest) yang akan datang, saya, Jabir-Abdullah Bin Amir telah diberikan amanah untuk menjadi seorang programme coordinator untuk pertandingan Sayembara Puisi... pertandingan ini merupakan pertandingan yang saya kira sangat menarik... Jarang sekali kita dapat peluang untuk dapat peluang berpuisi dan bersastera Melayu di Pusat Asasi Universiti Islam Antarabangsa ni! Maklum la... main language kat CFS ni kan bahasa Inggeris dan bahasa Arab.. hehe.. maka dengan itu rasanya dapat kita sama-sama mengambil manfaat dari program ini...

Untuk program yang dapat mengasah bakat serta menarik minat para pelajar CFS IIUM untuk memartabatkan sebuah bahasa yang satu ketika dulu menjadi Lingua Franca yang unggul... saya kira ini adalah satu program yang sangat besar lagi bermakna dan harus saya pikul amanah dan jadikan ini satu peluang serta platform untuk para pelajar CFS yang rata-rata berbangsa Melayu dan menggunakan bahasa ini sebagai medium komunikasi utama.. maka dengan itu, program seperti inilah yang dapat kita jalankan untuk memberikan peluang untuk menonjolkan bakat yang terpendam setelah sekian lama di lubuk hati mereka.. haha...

Maka dengan itu, sebagai Programme Coordinator untuk program ini, saya dengan penuh harapan pertandingan ini akan mendapat sambutan yang hangat dari para pelajar.. saya dan seluruh committee akan berusaha untuk memberikan komitmen penuh dalam menjalankan program ini.. Sama-sama kita doa kepada Allah SWT agar program ini akan berlangsung dan berakhir dengan jayanya! :D

Kalau ada sumur di ladang,
Boleh saya menumpang mandi;
Kalau ada umur yang panjang,
Boleh kita berjumpa lagi.

sedikit info tentang sayembara Puisi ini...
MASA 8.30-10.00

TARIKH: 10 HB NOV 2010

Thursday, October 21, 2010

It Hurts When We Know

I was thinking by myself a lot tonight... hanging around with Rasyid and shared a lot of stories.. well... Its hurts hard when u recall back your history of life... Its full of darkness.. And some of it can be little bit of hypocrisy.. I was born talented in some field and it suppose to be as an advantage to improve my life and others.. to help in a good way... But how many of these talents or this skills or this look have i use to do good deeds? How many did i misuse this "prize"?

It hurts because some of it are the bad things you've made.. and some people hears it and says its "cool" or "awesome"... Well its not.. it is all about the Nafs that controlled the heart and the Shaitan's victory towards me... When I look back on myself.. im so filthy.. dirty.. with unimaginable sins that people who look so innocent as me to do... Its pathetic to be proud of it.. Well im not proud of it.. but every sins that we made is like a drug and you are addicted to it... We are trying to stop but we still think of it.. and big possibilities that we are going to repeat those thing..

When we look at the people we care and the people that we love made something really-really stupid.. we hate it... but the fact that we have been there and we are haunted with that.. we are in the dilemma of either to prevent or just keep it quiet by ourself.. I was about to cry when i think about it... It makes me stressed out... And even me.. I hate but sometimes I want that...
Screw it Shaitan..... SCREW IT!

Since I was in secondary, the juniors look up on me as a good senior, some say as pious.. then came along the 'ujub... but the dark secret are kept inside me.. daring to make wrongdoing without caring the consequences.. I got this innocent look and bright shining face.. but im not that innocent after all... In UIA, one of my beloved lecturer chose me as a class representative because he said that I have the Thiqah in me.. so people believed in me..
But i dont even deserve any of this.. living in a shadow of life that keeps me astray from the light... making me feel insecure of every action i made.. every story people say.. every rumor that comes by...

The motivation I gave from the wrong thing I made.. but still and still I did not take my own advice while others did.. some friends really respected me because of the gifted talent.. because of this experience of life taught me a lot.. I know whats happening and still i took for granted and go on with this terrible situation.. for an 18 year old.. I can say my life is a packfull of mind blowing experience that some may got it late.. it happens to be ive got a lot of lesson I can share that may lead to a good future.. some people changes when they hear it.. seek advice from me.. BUT ME? the fault if the past keeps on repeating and repeating like a machine... Seeking advice from ego!

I cried a lot lately... those EVIL memories are haunting me.. The SORROWS are pushing me towards the death of mind... Sadness controls the heart.. but the useless tears flowing on the cheek is because of the lies of dunia.. the tears that is not even worth to drop... the failure of something not important that leads to useless depression never ever ends...

even i have the answer to WHY AM I LIVING IN THIS WORLD and WHO AM I IN THIS WORLD.. still i failed in the test...

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Bicara Tentang Hati

Sejenak saya fikir kembali tentang REMAJA, perasaan ingin disayangi sungguh membuak-buak.... Banyak lagu-lagu yg ditulis dan dinyanyikan di radio dan TV tentang cinta.. Secara amnya cinta ni adalah Fitrah Allah S.W.T kpd manusia... Biasalah, remaja dan percintaan adalah perkara yg dah sinonim dengan kehidupan seharian.. Dan dalam percintaan mesti ada konfliknya, dalam percintaan mesti ada "clash"..

Jujurnya saya juga ada perasaan cinta, jika rasa ingin dicintai dan mahu mencintai itu tidak ada nescaya saya menipu... teringat zaman kecil saya, kecik-kecik da suka kat orang.. padahal baru darjah satu.. tapi masa tu cinta yg tidak menyakitkan.. sekadar perasaan kanak-kanak yg cuma suka melihat sahaja.... semakin saya dewasa.. semakin mengenal erti cinta.. Perasaan ingin dimiliki menjadi seolah-olah tidak keruan... Dan ketika itu, hati ini dibisik oleh syaitan-syaitan... Oh tidak... tewas! seringkali tewas dalam bertarung dengan syaitan kerana hati itu dicemari.. nafsu mengalahkan iman..... Tapi cinta tidak kemana... selagi Syariat belum menghalalkan, tidak ada apa yg kita mampu lakukan... nak kahwin? cukup ke syarat? oh.. tidak....

Tiba saat, "CLASH"...... Oh... SAKITNYA HATIIII!!!! Frust menonggeng... atau mungkin kegagalan nak "tackle" atas sbb2 tertentu.... Perghhh... Down gilaaa.... Hati oh hati.... masa ni la si lelaki hilang jantannya dan si wanita bertindak gila... tak makan, nangis tak henti, ada jugak yg sanggup nak bunuh diri.. Ya-Allah... Jauhkanlah aku dari perbuatan yg dibenci Ya-Allah!!! Hati oh hati.. Kau kadangkala OBSES dengan cinta... mudah benar kalah... jangan hati jangan...

Kalau camtu, cinta ni nak cinta sape eh? nak kapel asek break je... sedih je manjang...
Haa.. itu yg kita nak tahu.. Ingat lagu nasyid masa kat SMKTJ dulu...

Cinta, kepada Allah,

Cinta Rasul, Cinta Ibu bapa

Cinta, Kepada Ummah

Cinta Kepada, Kecermelangan

Mari, Kita Semua,

Cinta, Lima Perkara

Hati ini selalu dipujuk untuk ini... tapi tak nak pulak! haih.. hati oh hati... sedarlah.. jangan diikutkan nafsu itu.. sedangkan 5 perkara ini membawa kepada kebahagiaan.. "Ah, cinta ni tak best!""bukan orang panggil kita sayang!" "bukan boleh ajak tgk wayang n main suap-suap!"..
hati oooh hati, bukan itu yg bawa kebahagiaan.. tak salah nak semua-semua tu.. tapi tunggu yg halal... Nak jadi orang mu'min?

Allah kan ada berfirman: dan mereka yang menjaga kemaluannya. Kecuali isteri-isteri mereka atau hamba sahaya yang mereka miliki, maka sesungguhnya mereka tidak tercela.
(Al-Mu'minun 5&6)

Allah maha adil.. ada cara betul dan ada cara salah... bertenang la hati... satu hari nanti dapat punya... jangan gopoh.. jangan kalah dengan nafsu.. nafsu ni sengaje nak kenakan kita, dia kan kawan Syaitan.. haih.. ingat, pemuda yg beriman Allah sayang tau.. siapa kata takde yg sayang? Nak nabi sayang kat kita? haa... ada pernah dengar lagu yg dinyanyikan kumpulan Mawaddah. lagu Ikhwanku... dalam lagu tu ada dikatakan bahawa rasulullah bersabda(ada hadith dia, tak pasti sohih ke x) tapi nak jadikan pedoman la eh:

Rindu oh rindunya aku pada mereka,

ya rindunya aku pada mereka,

Wahai Abu Bakr, tidakkah kamu juga,

Merindukan mereka,

Sedangkan mereka sangat merindukan diri kamu

Kerana kamu, sahabatku

Nanti nak cari hadith bkenaan ni.. tapi nak disampaikan, Rasulullah merindui umatnya! tak ke gitu? rugi tak balas rindu Rasulullah tu... untung banyak woh! haa... Hati oh hati, sayang lah ibu bapa wahai hati... Rasulullah pon da tegaskan dalam Hadithnya.. yg popular dengan lagu Yusuf Islam tu... Selepas Allah dan Rasulullah? Ibu! Ibu! IBU! kemudian Ayah.. sebab ibu yg jaga kita dari kecik sampai besar... kita buat hal macam-macam.. ade ibu mintak clash? xde kan? kalo awek tu.. sadaqallahul azim la jawabnye kan? Ayah, memang kekadang ayah ni, dia x cakap sangat dia sayang kat kita.. lagi-lagi kalau anak laki.. memang payah laaaa... tapi Ayah sayang kita... sayang sangat-sangat.. Makan minum kita ayah yg kerja susah-susah.. ayah kalau x kerja, susah hati fikirkan anak dan isteri.. ada ayah yang sanggup kerja siang malam untuk anak.. kalau pernah tengok video Motivasi dengan golongan bapa, kita dapat tgk ayah pon dapat kalahkan ego dan luahkan sayang pada anak.. punya susah sampai kena buat mcm2.. sbb laki ni ada ego.. hakikat di lubuk hati mmg sayang tau!

Habistu? Ummat boleh buat apa kat kita? Ini yg nak kita faham.. Allah adil kan? What goes around comes back around kan? haa.. kalau kita Sayang ummat, buat baik dengan kawan, jiran, saudara dan even orang awam sekalipun, ummat akan sayang kat kita.. mungkin kita tak sedar.. tapi bila kita banyak bantu orang, Insya-Allah.. bila kita hadapi kesusahan, orang akan bantu kita... mudah difahami kan? tapi bersyarat! mesti Ikhlas la! :)

Orang yg cintakan kecermelangan kan orang yang menuntut ilmu.. Kecermelangan boleh buktikan sayang ke? boleh! Siapa yang menuntut ilmu, Allah mudahkan jalan ke syurga! haa.. senang je.. pastu makhluk-makhluk dalam air dan di langit Doakan kat orang yg menuntut Ilmu! wah... makhluk2 lain pun sayang kat kita!!

dah tu? kenapa tak mau tanamkan cinta kita kat 5 perkara ni? cinta wanita tu satu hari akan tiba.. doalah Kat Allah.. insya-Allah dapat... skrg slalu je sedih-sedih, fail becinta x habis-habis.. Dah.. La Tahzan! InnAllaha Ma'ana !

Panjang lagi perjalanan kamu hai hati! dah.. kuat! Kuat! KUAT!! yaaa!!! hehe

Monday, September 20, 2010

Revived From Death

It seems that it just happens... Again... Well... This is me.. What do you expect.. Im searching the consistency in writing a blog. Actually I planned to re-create a blog for me to share what i have read so that we all could take the benefit from the book... but then, flipping through my friends blog.. I suddenly realized that.. Why not I re-activate my blog? then I tried.. well.. I forgot my password... but then I managed to revive my Blog from "death".....

Well... This is the examination week.. I had just recovered from my fever... yesterday was the English Placement Test.. I dont think it is that hard.. but im worried that I did not get to be exempted this time.. IM DESPERATE.. I just had finished my Arabic examination approximately 45 minutes ago... The life in UIA is kinda fun... but when I am busy.. I do REALLY MEAN IT....

Currently hearing the songs by The Corrs... feeling old because this song is rather old... but its fun though..... Waiting to get the mood to study Basic Themes Of Qur'an... I have not even start yet!!! Huarrgh... better get going...

ma'a Taufiq Wa Najah :)