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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Just a piece of mind drawn with alphabets

Phew, again. I think you guys already know how will I start the post. Each and every time after decades of drought of words and posts in my blog. Thus, I think it's okay for me to just skip the part where I apologize and "lie" to you all about wanting to be active again in blogging. LOL.

Okay so the thing is. As this blog been left alone for quite a time, suddenly i noticed that the number of readers is now 70! Okay fine I know 70 is a very small amount. SHH! lemme get to the point on why am I so excited about this stuff. My blog is no cool blog(not the CoolBlog drink n stuff) and not an extraordinary blog where fancy stuff are posted and promoted. Therefore, 70 people who subscribed this somewhat a personal blog is a huge number for me.

Next, The trolling session.



Okay im done trolling. pheww...

And before the post is ended. Just telling in case you guys are wondering. Currently!

Jabir-Abdullah Amir

1. Had re-activate his facebook account due to important issues

2. Is now doing his final semester in the centre for foundation studies IIUM.
2.1: He is taking 3 subjects namely
2.1.1: Arabic Listening Skill
2.1.2: Arabic Speaking Skill
2.1.3: Law And Society.

3. Currently working as a host at A&W SS2(part-time) during weekends

4. Still single and still waiting for the expected date

5. Had a problem of time management and discipline

6. May be having some health difficulties. (No worries. not a big issue unless been told)

7. Desperate =,=

8. Addicted to....... wait. im not addicted

9. Had not read any newspapers recently and getting very left behind

10. shortage of financial budget.

BUT! all of this is not a big deal. well. several are.

The thing that matters most to me is, I should be happy, I should be thankful to Allah for everything :)

And lastly but not leastly (I know my language is getting worse)

I created this post! AGAIN! for someone who meant a lot to me :)

That person is.... wait, just guess from the characteristics given. You guys are great stalkers. come on! :-

1. A person who went to Langkawi recently
2. A person who obtained good grades in her last semester
3. A person who makes me smiles and cry in a short period
4. A person who makes me feel confused! ahaha
5. A person which is very cute and seems to be a bit childish at times
6. A person who I miss A LOT!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Just Telling And Making Things Clear

How to say it in a human language? Hurm. Okay.

As I believe, you guys might have notice that the name Jabir-Abdullah Amir has no longer in your timeline in Facebook. Or maybe you just don't really care.

Anyhow, for you guys who might have noticed it and been wondering where the heaven and hell on earth is Jabir-Abdullah Amir on Facebook (especially who always been contacting me, stalking me, asking me questions, tagging me, messaging me, commenting on my wall, posting on my wall, group discussion, AND POKE ME). I declare hereby, Jabir-Abdullah Amir had Deactivated the Facebook Account!

Ok. I know you would ask that question. The answer is:-

No, It's not entirely because of that, But something to do with that. Anyway, the absolute reason was I did it randomly and trust me when I say. Shit happens the day I was about to do it! so it seems like im deactivating it because of that. Im not that lame and desperate or emo just because of that!

However, to answer the next question arises. You can reach me Using the comments section below, Formspring or Twitter :) link given on the right side of my blog.

Im not going to make this post long but just to inform, its not the reason in your mind and i might just want some space. oh wait. I already got the space bar (lame joke i know)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Don't Want to waste the time that I may had Wasted

Okay so now, I may not be having anything to tell but just as to share and like the title shows.

So, I've been through a lot in life. Now what I have isn't perfect. But it doesn't piss me off
I take it mostly as a lesson that I'll treasure for the sake of experience to share in order to help people around me. I can say, I learn happiness the hard way. Life has never really been how I've always dreamed of.

But the thing is, being strong is never an easy task. In fact, never that I say that I've never been sad(Read my older post and it answers quite much). Being strong is how you face the challenge. Our brain can easily trip off if you fail to handle things. You may be feeling that everything is out of your control, people are not with you, seems like you never actually achieved anything in life. Well, always bear in mind, you have achieved something in life, if it wasn't because of it, you might not be in your place right now.

I remembered a simple but very big impact words of Allah in the holy Qur'an. Well, to simplify my means, Allah never give a test to his servant out of their control. So why worry? Failure doesn't mean you are useless. It's another lesson of life that you discover! You can handle stuff. just be strong and try to look at problems the positive way. Let me again simplify this. Change how you look at problems like this

You wanted to buy a house which seemingly hard to afford.

Instead of saying : I will never afford to buy this house!

Try looking at it differently by saying(and bear in mind): How will I afford this thing? Where should I start? When will I start to pay for it?

It'll be totally different! You by yourself can set a goal to achieve it!

I may not say much and talk further but just to share and may it pleases and help you people the next time you encounter a challenge :)

Much oblige, pray for my best to be a Muslim lawyer, A family man, A husband, and a statesman :)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Dusty Blog


Oh My GOAT! It has been a long time even since my last post. TRUST ME, that last post is the last time I logged in to the blog.

oh one more thing, what's with the big font?
okay this is better.

You must be wondering what happened to me since the last post. well.... i got hit by a car. TETTTT!!! Total lie! haha.. its just that i've been busy, i've been lazy and i've been er. uh.. uhmm... that's just it. SO!

Do you need me to tell you about what I've done in the past few month?

comment on the comment section below. OH WAIT!

I AM NOT GOING TO WASTE MY TIME writing long and boring post. lemme just fast forward to the latest ok?

So what happened the lately was, I FINALLY GOT OUT A SERIOUSLY HECTIC SEMESTER! well. techinically. At last i may breath without problem. Haha... The awesome part was

I MOOTED AND I WON! 1 year of holding a position in Foundation Moot Club at last make it's 1st move into becoming lawyer. It was. and still is, AWESOME :)

Ok less talk more pictures right? unfortunately I don't really have much pictures. BUT! These pictures are enough to show you what I've been doing right?

This is my friends, which is the respondent, we had a great trial. I won. but they are Awesome I tell you!
This is my Co-Counsel, Aszfar. Quiet. but when he speaks. He's good!
The Future Lawyers with Yang Arif Noor Dzuhaidah :)
The future Syar'ie Lawyer. AWESOME RIGHT?

In the Moot Court. Everyone takes pictures :)

Okay so I'm done with the current post. I know. It still is. boring as evar! haha.. still this post is just to share the latest thing im into and i was asked by someone to post this. wanna know who? LEMME SHOW YOU!! *sorry ye Fatin! hehehehe

She is the one who is responsible for this post. WAIT!
Please don't tackle her. Saving her for someone :P
anyway Fatin, This post is made special for you actually :) Have fun reading

To all the readers and subscribers, this post is for you guys too!! I love you guys. seriously. im tryin to re-build my blog. i hope i can beautify my blog. haha :)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Short note for a short post

I am pretty sure the readers know that for the past month ive been in a very bad situation with not so good emotion. YES! I am very emotional during those period and even today. So today's post arent going to be very happy or should I say.. its kinda sad too...

I've been struggling with my feelings and to bear in my mind that one thing that I am not sure of, I can't put too much hope in it. I've put in a massive effort to reach there though its a long way to go. But one thing I can't stop doing is being a jerk. well.. sort of... I'm afraid that if i make a mistake, I will then fail and never get there.

I don't really know how am I going to handle this, because the more I fight, the more I'm eager to do that. From being very close... Now we are getting further.. further and further away... And this disturbing thing makes me feel ultimately insecure about myself... All I want is to be happy.. but the more I try... the sadder i've become...

Frankly speaking, I can accept the fact that we are just friend because I didn't even plan to have more than that... but deep in my heart, it is always different.. and without me saying it, people knows.. and yes, nobody like to be in a gossip and I didn't plan to see it happens.. but when it happens. it destroys my hope because I know you wouldnt like it... but now... I don't know what to do....

And for the record, i've been into this blogging(by means of being active) is one of my effort to entertain the person I love.. but since my post are getting very personal and very sad. I don't think I could entertain anymore.. or maybe it makes me look stupid and I cant care more than this...

If we are not close as before, I hope we can be close.. but in other way.. I just cant afford to lose it... I know I am in a one way feeling.. and still hoping Ill find my way to make it as a 2 way... the reasons are very concrete on why we are not the same.. and why we are not close...

its like a thunder strike in my heart when she said "we are just friends! END".. I just don't know what to say then... tears suddenly fall from my eyes... my heart stops beating.. and all I can do is just pray to Allah.. to make me strong.. and to pray that someday... my wish comes true..

I respected her choice, and i choose to follow.. and I hope.. I can prove to her.. that I am qualified to be a HUSBAND who is not just a person who loves, but also as a husband to guide, to feed and to give the best to her... ITS MY WORD and ITS MY PROMISE

to you: Sorry if this blog post annoys you, or make you feel very uncomfortable I AM VERY VERY SORRY.. If you really think that things arent going to work out, or perhaps you really cant give even a piece of heart in the future.. I can still accept if you say you would reject me and after that, I WILL MOVE ON and I can accept to call you.. as just a friend.. and not more than that :S

Saturday, May 7, 2011

It's Mother's Day, What do you expect?

So this time, it's about mother's day, So Imma make a special post. like other people do(LOL)

Firstly before I proceed,

Some people said that celebrating Mother's Day is HARAM. Well, It's different from me.. And people said this every time people celebrate it

1: Everyday is Mother's day, why have specific day for it?
2: This is Bid'ah, DON'T CELEBRATE IT!
3: This is not from Islam, save your IMAN, DON'T CELEBRATE IT

Well, hear this.. I know someone might not like what ill be saying or saying I'm just being ignorant and ego n bla bla bla.... Let us be clear that for me, I don't THINK it's HARAM.

1: I look at this celebration is in fact, very Islamic. It's not that I am saying that this celebration is a religious festival, It's a day to show to give to express our love to our Mom, and we all know that ISLAM, the Prophet(P.b.u.h) told us to favor our mom. So MOTHER'S DAY is in fact, one of the ways we can do it

2: Bid'ah, YES I KNOW that this event was not celebrated during the time of prophet, SO DOES THE INDEPENDENCE DAY CELEBRATION! But is this why we can't do it? NO! there's a lot of thing's that we do that doesn't even exist during the time of Prophet(p.b.u.h) in fact FB and blog and twitter and so on.. IS THIS THING HARAM?

3: It's not from Islam, yeah everyone knows that, so does the INDEPENDENCE DAY, TEACHER'S DAY and WORLD CANCER DAY! All of them are not from ISLAM.. but we do it as a sign of respect and honor... don't be to narrow. ISLAM IS NOT A PRISON so dont make yourself prisoned by Islam.. its a religion of love and peace

Okay so now i will proceed(phew.. at last!)

I would like to praise Allah, for giving me my mum, well also for the other MOMS out there..
you really are the MOST AMAZING WOMAN in life! I would really hope someday, I will be able to repay all your deeds though ONLY ALLAH CAN DO SO.. And thus, the Aim of my life, is to please you, to make you happy, and to have a family, that loves you, and take care of you..

I know I have not be the best child.. but I'll try my best to do so, I know i have disappointed you so many times, whether I do it on purpose or not, still I HOPE YOU'LL forgive me.. The degree i will bring back home, is always your dream.. I remembered when I always asks money from you.. and you'll say "You can ask anything from me, but please do your study well, that will please me, and thats my only request" So UMMI, I hope to bring back not just 1 degree, but! I HOPE I CAN BRING YOU 2 Degrees after I graduate! Insya-Allah

I can say I am really close to you, everything I do, you are the one who I will think of and hoped that my stories can make you happy.. yea I know I talk too much sometimes, but telling you stories will make me happy and I hope you'll be happy to listen to it too( SOMETIMES I ADDED UP MY STORIES AND IT SOUND ABSURD! SORRY!) But this is the best I could do(given the situation that most of my talent goes to my mouth so... yea...)


I dedicate this song for you(IM NOT GOING TO SING) just the lyrics

The Perfect Fan lyrics
It takes a lot to know what is love
It's not the big things, but the little things
That can mean enough
A lot of prayers to get me through
And there is never a day that passes by
I don't think of you
You were always there for me
Pushing me and guiding me
Always to succeed

You showed me
When I was young just how to grow
You showed me
Everything that I should know
You showed me
Just how to walk without your hands
Cuz mom you always were
The perfect fan

God has been so good
Blessing me with a family
Who did all they could
(From: http://www.elyrics.net/read/b/backstreet-boys-lyrics/the-perfect-fan-lyrics.html)
And I've had many years of grace
And it flatters me when I see a smile on your face
I wanna thank you for what you've done
In hopes I can give back to you
And be the perfect son


You showed me how to love
You showed me how to care
And you showed me that you would always be there
I wanna thank you for that time
And I'm proud to say you're mine


Cuz mom you always were,
Mom you always were
Mom you always were,
You know you always were
Cuz mom you always were... the perfect fan

I love you Mom

Next, I would also share some hadith that is related to this post.. I know this hadith IS VERY POPULAR! but just as a reminder and the reason why we should really appreciate and do good to our mom :)

Hazrat Abu Hurairah (May Allah be pleased with him) reported: A person came to Messenger of Allah (PBUH) and asked, "Who among people is most deserving of my fine treatment?'' He (PBUH) said, "Your mother". He again asked, ``Who next?'' "Your mother", the Prophet (PBUH) replied again. He asked, "Who next?'' He (the Prophet (PBUH)) said again, "Your mother.'' He again asked, "Then who?'' Thereupon he (PBUH) said,'' Then your father.''

In another narration: "O Messenger of Allah! Who is most deserving of my fine treatment?'' He (PBUH) said, "Your mother, then your mother, then your mother, then your father, then your nearest, then nearest".
[Al-Bukhari and Muslim].

Commentary: This Hadith tells us that the rights of the mother are three times more important than that of the father for the reasons that:

1 She is weaker than the father.

2. The following three troubles are borne exclusively by the mother while the father does not share them with her:

a) She carries the baby in her womb for nine months,

b) The labor pain which she suffers.

c) Two years' period of suckling which disturbs her sleep at night and affects her health. She has also to be very cautious in her food for the welfare of the baby.

I wish I can do more than this... but yea.. I write this not direct from the heart.. so What came up during I type.. that is what im going to type..

Anways, I take this opportunity to request from the reader to pray for the 3 children who lost such a heroic mother, reading the story about those children, I cried, even life can be sacrificed for her love to her children, May Allah place you in heaven, you are an amazing mother, and for the children, I pray for the best in life and may you'll be placed together with you mom in Jannah, that's the best I can do..

So dear reader's, appreciate our mother, love them, please them..

and also for the reader who is already become a mother, this is a special day for you too :)


XOXO Jabir-Abdullah Amir

Monday, May 2, 2011

As random as the post seems

So this time I have nothing to do, not because I dont want to do anything but I simply have nothing to do :P

An interesting fact, today I've just learned that I'm not having flu. instead, I am having cold, its a 2 different thing?

flu is more fatal and flu is the type of disease which causes death(well, it seems scarier than it is actually)

but cold is just a virus infection which only infect the throat and the nose.... so that answers my confusion! yayy!!!

I am at home currently(YAYY)... a few days back(yesterday and the day before) i joined the rector's cup debating championship, it's my first time and its a great experience! :) I teamed up with 2 foreign students which appears that both are my seniors in the Main campus, it is quite random that i teamed up with them.. and IT IS AWESOME to be debating with them.. its like a whole new thing and it happens with such a unique way! :)

Recently, after my previous post, again, the TROLLS came back to ask me questions and questions about the 'girl'. GUYS, seriously? im tire of answering it, can you guys just STOP ASKING and just let me decide when will i reveal? its getting annoying! luckily you asked that in formspring, if i know who the hell you guys are, i might just kick you! man... gimme some space man.. can you just let it be.. Don't ASK WHO! thats all i ask, ask me anything but not "WHO's THAT GIRL" okayyyy :)

I actually cant wait till the time comes where i can actually sort my stuff and then prepare things accordingly, im in a state of serabut-ness(sorry i dont know what is it in English) i feel so.. err.. serabut! my things, my head, my everything! they seems to be not in the right order...

I don't know why this is happening to me, Am I having a hardtime in my life? Why do I feel so insecure? Why do i feel like crying? why do I feel so weak(mentally, my physical strength is indeed weak)? why why and why... I have to be the old me! the guy who always smiles, the guy who is very optimistic, always happy, thoughtful, the guy who try to help others! where have the old Jabir gone?

Sorry this time because the post is a random post, what i write solely depends on what went through my mind and my heart... as the blog also suggest that this is where my mind takes of.. i really make it take off freely :)

Sorry this time i dont have any pictures to show.. I KNOW.. its boring righht! what to do! I will put in more interesting things.. with photos next time :) dont worry :) :P

I think that's it :)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Just a note for my heart

Dear heart,

I know you've been crying yourself so bad recently,
I know you loved that girl so much and you said you always will.
Hold on dear heart, Allah always hears us... Allah will make our way to reach the goal.

Dear heart,

I know you missed her so much, but remember dear heart
If you really love her, let her choose,
Pray to Allah that her heart will choose you too someday.

Dear heart,

Promise to yourself that you'll keep her for as long she is married to anyone
Promise to yourself to improve yourself so you can be the best man for her to be with
Promise to yourself to love her because of Allah

Dear heart,

Don't fall for Satan's lie that love is all about physical contact
Don't bear in yourself that she's yours until you are married
Don't fall for others like you planned

Dear heart,

May you think it's hard to keep her in the heart
May you think it's impossible to let her heart fill with your love
May you think it's a waste of time loving her

Please know that true love lasts as long as it is not prohibited
Please know that the heart can change and by nature they want to be loved
Please know loving someone is a sacrifice, but don't get obsessed like you did before

Dear heart,

If you love her, take care of her but don't control her
If you love her, guide her to be closer to Allah
If you love her, don't make her hate you

Dear heart,

Love Allah above everything
Love your parents more than anybody else
Love her because you want to be in heaven with her and to make her as a way to show love to your parents

Dear heart,

Stop crying and be strong
Stop being a jerk and do what Islam teach us to do
Stop being sad and be AWESOME instead

To the woman I love,

I pray you will be my wife
I hope your heart will be ready for me and just for me(Allah, Rasul and family IS COMPULSRY)
I just want you to know, care about you so much
I just want you to know, when i scold you it is because it's not my wish, but it's an obligation as a Muslim
I want you to change not entirely as I wanted.. but Islam wants a woman to be like

To the woman I love,

I hope, there will be love inside you,
I hope there will be me inside your heart
I hope you pray to Allah one day, to make me your husband
I know I may crossed some limit, its my fault and I'm sorry for that

To the woman I love,

I will always love you
I will always pray for you
I will always care for you

To the readers,

Sorry I've been too busy to update
Sorry if this post doesn't really favour you
Sorry because this post is too emotional

To the readers,

please help me to be close to Allah
please pray that I'll be with the girl i love
please please and pretty please, pray that we will be together


Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Delayed Post

Meet Caby(pronounced chubby) the cutest son I have :P

Whoo.... I actually should've done this post a little bit earlier... but due to several factors(mainly laziness) had stopped me from updating my blog.. I've lost a lot of ideas to write after i postponed my update :P

anyways, let me sort it out first on what happened for the past 1 month of holiday(including several days before i went home from CFS IIUM PJ)

1. Final Meeting With FMC :(
2. Few driving class :)
3. TOF Smart Solat Camp
4. Maulidurrasul in DJ
5. Holiday In Cherating
6. My Birthday
7. Examination Result
8. Forum in CFSIIUM Mosque
9. Back To CFS IIUM PJ

So above is what happened during that period :) after i list it down, its easier for me to talk about it one by one.

First, about my last meeting with the Foundation Moot Club(FMC). For the past 2 semesters being the syura council of FMC, i had been taught to do many kinds of things and also gain experience out of it. I admit it is tiring and sometimes stressful, but it is also fun! when I think about it again, it is sad that we are no longer a syura council... I missed them A LOT :'(

From Left: Jabir, Putra Haziq(President), Nazir(Sport Rec), Abd. Rasyid(Education& Training)

From Left: Nazir, Jabir, Rasyid, Shakinah(V.President 2), Illya(Treasurer)

I will be missing them forever insya-Allah. I'm glad that we met each other and make a syura council, you guys are Awesome.. i really mean AWESOME :) an absolute thanks I bit to all of you guys for the cooperation for the 2 semesters... :)

Next, driving class... Well, Ive been learning to drive for almost 1 year now... haha.. i extended the period of learning... I delayed the last 4 hours of driving class because of tonnes of reasons that i dont even know :P I cant wait to go for the JPJ test... so far i kinda have the confident to do it :) After i got my license, imma hit the road dear MALAYSIANS! :)

So during the holiday i went to Cherating for a wedding ceremony, a holiday and birthday ;)
before i go to Cherating, I went to a wedding ceremony in Kemaman... later that night i went to Stadium Darul Makmur to witness a match between Kelantan and Pahang, I was one of the Kelantan supporters(well, im not from Kelantan but my brother and his friends are the fan of Kelantan FC.)
At the stadium with my brother and his friend :)

Before we enter the stadium, we are checked by the policemen to be sure non of the audience are carrying illegal things, and at that moment, i learned that water bottle is one of them.. other than that is firecrackers and a lot more things... haha... Unfortunately the match ended with Kelantan loses 2-0 against Pahang..(i know now that any team that i support, when I watch the match, they'll lose) That is when the drama starts! suddenly out of the blue, a man threw a firecracker(either mercun bola or botol or whatever) towards the field... Its like a game when the policemen saw that guy.. that guy was some kind of.. stupid i guess... he ran directly towards the exit(which is guarded by a group of policemen) and so he was caught... he actually should run around the stadium so that the police will lose sight on him and he'll be free to go out the stadium :P

next, its my birthday! actually my birthday isnt that grand... haha... we had lunch the day before which is claimed as my birthday celebration, its cool though.. we ate otak-otak and also some sata and keropok lekor..arm wrestle before we had the food :)
eatin some sata with my bro dzar

yes we had a lot of fun there ;)
the hyper camera girl, my sister, she's the one who took the pictures
there she is... the queen of my heart... My beloved Ummi

but im not that fortunate because i got a sore throat... really bad sore throat up until today... :'( my throat is bleeding.. maybe Allah want's me to keep myself quiet :) and forgive my past sins insya-Allah... and I also didnt get the free calls on that day... i got it a week later.. thanks maxis! :P

before i forget, i got my birthday present earlier this week... i got a rabbit doll which i call Caby and i really love it.. i mean LOVE LOVE! thanks to my friend who gave me such a cute doll.. ill take care of caby well ;) and I also get a tie from the same people which really makes me happy because i do really like tie :D(that doesnt mean you can bribe me with a tie okayy)

me and caby... so cute rigght? haha tell me im insane but i hug this thing to sleep :P

Not so long after we came back from cherating, on the 17th march 2011, the date all of the students of CFS IIUM had been waiting for, the result! i can say that im the 1st student who had the view of the result... though my result is not that good.. still, i thank Allah for giving such result.... it shows that i have to work more and do more to get more! Thank you Allah, that sure had given me a lesson...

this is my result slip, its not that good.. just to show u :P dont click to view :P

I really do feel jealous because my friend got better result.. but that is good! we will be competing and also helping each other to get great result... so it should be a win-win situation :)

Next, I went for a forum discussing about the revolution in the middle east and what is the effect on our country in the CFS IIUM PJ mosque... the topic was a lil bit complicated which i decided not to write in this post.. but the members of the panel are representative from PAS, ABIM, Ikram and Hizbut Tahrir. Okay based on opinion, the best oralist was from ABIM then Ikram, PAS and lastly Hisbut Tahrir... why? ask me later... haha.., but i am dissapointed with the HT audience... they have no attitude during other oralist was talking... and their mind... the way they think is too narrow... i dont really see what is the contribution of HT in Malaysia... not that i hate them but they are too radical and theyre planning seems to be almost impossible.. i admit that the khilafah is the way that Rasulullah(pbuh) ruled the islamic country... but in Malaysia, it seems that its hard for that to happen in the meantime... even the oralist answer was not convincing me yet the HT members cheered.. DONT BE TOO JUMUD PLEASE!

Lastly, the day that ive been waiting for arrives... I went back to CFS... its interesting that ive met the woman i really wished i met... the mother of one of my friend... she is soo sooo sooo sporting :) we even went to Jaya One together... haha... she is so cheerful, happy go lucky... no wonder her daughter is like her... i just feel so comfort with them.. they are FRIENDLY AND AWESOME! later that day was the time when i get my baby named Caby hehee....

I think that is all for now.... and yes, for the readers, sorry i updated late.. i didnt know that people actually... i mean REAL PEOPLE actually READS my blog! :P and sorry again if this posts is boring and please love caby like i do :P

Monday, March 7, 2011

The Crash of An Ark Called Love

Well tonight, I will be talking about an Ark called love

Love is a very beautiful thing,
Love is extraordinary,
Love is something everyone feels,
Love is everyone's desire,
Love is a treasure of life

Because of love, we know bliss
and because of it we know happiness, we know joy, prosperity
and also because of love we know anger, hate and grudge

So what is my point for today's post,

well this is what I've learned today.. the very unpleasant side of love he don't event hope to bear,
the sadness and the dark side of love, well it happens to my friend, she didn't know love
she had never been in a relation, NEVER. but now she knows what is a heart break.
had this innocent girl tried to please others, but never did she realized, she's killing people one. by one. Never would i blame this girl for it, i understand that she is not ready for it.

Sometimes, we have to be strict on our position, our decision.. maybe for us its nothing but it matters to the people around us, who loved us.. sometimes rejection is not an option but a must.
well now we all know that love is a poison if it is not handled with care...

Now the broken heart, its irreversible, it can heal but with time. U cant expect things to be the same my friend, the drama, the act, the play, wont last, it'll eventually re-explode.. you may see them happy, be around you, makes you smile, but their smile wont be the same, in their mind is always to think of that person they love, how they are frustrated, but because of love, they'll be with u, to see u smile...

And never you say to them, if u want to be their friend tell them if they find another girl, and tell them to get the girl, when you say that, you'll be like stabbing them on their heart. They know themselves if they find another girl, and the moment they find, they're not going to be the same ever... YES they are still you friend, but you'll never get to be treated by them the same way, if you like em, just tell the truth. they'll understand... because if they went too far on loving you, they'll might end up killing themselves(by the means of suicide for the losers ,major frustration for the winners and the champion they'll be sad and them move on).

if he's trying to win you, over and over again, and he loved you, he showed you the care, and still loving you no matter what happens, and u broke his heart over and over again, the second you fall for him(well, if it happens, who knows), you might as well suffers when he moved on, maybe u don't want him to move on, but your action might pressured him and there he goes. and nobody will love you like he did.. maybe he's not for you that's all... but don't you worry, they'll be a man who will still love you... except its not the same person, not the same personality, and never will be the same love.

That is when you know, the ark of love, that is made with effort, had crashed and sink.. in the deepest sea(well in this earth it is the Mariana Trench). when the ark is gone, there will be nothing left.

I'm not a professional in love but this is my opinion and just to share my opinion, n to my friend, sorry if this post offended you.. i have to be sincere to let you know what's in my mind

to fatin, SORRY tido lambat, nak update blog :P

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Short Message :D

Okay.. so today i was thinking of making this post a lil bit meaningful,
i was still hoping that this post might make us puase and ponder upon ourselves.

okay firstly, as a Muslim, im not saying that i am perfect or anything close to it. I make sins, i cant escape them even on this very moment i feel like I've made a lot of sins to Allah. we all know we had done something wrong.. whether we made it in public or maybe we did it without anyone knowing. And the worst part is, we know that Allah is watching us yet we still do it, this is the weirdest part! As a Muslim, we should be scared of Allah's wrath.... It's shameful that we admit that we are a Muslim, we admit that Allah is our god, we admit that Allah sees us anywhere and everywhere. but why? why is our action shows that it is different from what had we claimed! I am afraid that we will be considered as the munafiq for our action, I felt so bad when I read this verse from the Qur'an

[63.Surah Al-Munafiqun : Ayah 1]

إِذَا جَاءكَ الْمُنَافِقُونَ قَالُوا نَشْهَدُ إِنَّكَ

لَرَسُولُ اللَّهِ وَاللَّهُ يَعْلَمُ إِنَّكَ لَرَسُولُهُ

وَاللَّهُ يَشْهَدُ إِنَّ الْمُنَافِقِينَ لَكَاذِبُونَ

O! Prophet Muhammad (Sal-allahu-alleihi-wasallam) When the hypocrites come to you, they say: We bear witness that you are most surely Allah's Apostle; and Allah knows that you are most surely His Apostle, and Allah bears witness that the hypocrites are surely liars.

when i was reading, my heart feels so cold. it kinda shivers. and everytime i think about this verse.. or maybe while i was doing something wrong, i remembered this verse... but its sad that i keep on doing.. this is human, this is ME :'(
So then ive decided that imma do a lil bit of reading on hypocrisy... well... now i think imma share it with the readers with the hope that we all can think where is our position

So this is several things that i can share


Allah's Messenger Muhammad (Sal-allahu-alleihi-wasallam) said

[Transmitted by Sahih Bukhari]

Hadrat Umar mentioned the hadeeth of the Prophet Muhammad (Sal-allahu-alleihi-wasallam): "The thing from which I fear for you the most is the knowledgeable hypocrite." Hadrat Umar was then asked: "How can a hypocrite be knowledgeable?" To which Hadrat Umar answered: "He speaks with wisdom but acts with injustice."


In the Shari’a, nifaaq (hypocrisy) is of two types:

a) Greater (An-Nifaaq Al-Akbar): To present an outward appearance of belief in Allah, his Angels, his books, his messengers, the last day, etc. while concealing with that which negates all or some of that. This is the hypocrisy which the Prophet Muhammad (Sal-allahu-alleihi-wasallam) confronted during his life and the ones who Allah said in the Quran that they are in "the lowest depth of hell-fire".

b) Lesser (An-Nifaaq Al-Asghar): or hypocrisy of action: To present an outward appearance of good and good deeds while concealing within that which negates that.

Thus, i hope we all think back upon ourselves. and pray to Allah that we are not in this category of Muslim...

on the other side of the story, earlier today, i had a conversation with one of my best friend... and the topic was love.. i was impressed by her.. seriously! one of her best statement was

"I hope that word(I love you) will only be for my husband"(well the conv was in Malay)

and at that time, I was stoned! even I never think that the word will only be for my wife! and i think ive spilled that word when i was in form 1... what the heck! =,=

and so i prayed for you dear friend! may your word came true.. only your husband deserves it :)

i think that iss all my idea for tonight... i actually watching movies.. that is why i make it short :P

Monday, February 28, 2011

Be Strong Because You Are Awesome!

Dear Friend,

Today's post is specially dedicated to my most honoured friend... It's a message straight from my heart to you :)

Dear Friend,

I know this had been the tough times for you, I know how much you feel tortured about what happened. but you don't have to be sad or worry.
It's no use for you to be sad or to be frustrated about it. Well you see, as your friend. I was in very deep shock when you text-ed me and told me that unfortunate eveng but you shouldn't be sad because you know I will back you up! :)

well this is a public service announcement:

so if you readers think that you are the one above, please quit it, their heart is not a toy.

Yes, YOU ARE if you did what is not for you to do

So my message for my friend here is please be strong and just let it go. You know it's not worth a penny to be sad about it. okay? I'm being so weird today because I cared and I hated what happened. Anyways, you have to rise again and by mean rise again, be stronger and better than before :)

Seriously this is good :)

I seriously saying that it's no point of being sad though I know this may be hard for you. It's okay! let them go away :) La tahzan ya ukhti, in Allaha ma'ana :) just be awesome as usual okay? I know you are awesome! Oops let me rephrase it. I know you are incredibly AWESOME! :)

i think that is all for now :) I hope you'll be strong :) I do hope it's stronger than METAL!

As a sign of respect to my friend, I was told that I have to remove my post, guess what? im not deleting any post in my blog(the current post is the edited post) :) so be it :D
you should read this my friend
:) :) :) :)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Its about the questions that YOU ASK!

Again, direct to the title, we know what it is..... EXACTLY!

i've been laughing so hard ever since people ask me about my love life...
its funny that people thinks i have one, and i dont want to admit....
well, read this my beloved stalker, reader, follower and also the crushers.. haha
and not to forget, the victim of the story, my friend of the month, FATIN! :)

it has been a very dramatic moments of February innit? i can say that this month is the month of,
JABIR: THE LOVE LIFE(wonder if there will be a book on it) its funny that I had been asked on formspring about my girlfriend, my crush and bla bla... well..... they asked me a lot but non of them actually got the answer.. hahaha.. its so fun to make the questioner disappointed... but they never do give up? or may i restate it.... WONT YOU GIVE UP? haha... i dont really care you askin because i can easily answer that question with a yes or no... its fortunate for the stalkers(oh hi stalkers!) and the crushers(hey crushers!) because today i wanna restate and HIGHLIGHT that, I AM SINGLE! hahahaha... i know. the reaction is like (WOW HE'S SINGLE) and yes.. then when u keep on reading itll be like "Bapak bajet!" then u all will hate me and i will be happy because i wont have to think about having anymore of you stalkcrushers.. hahah...

for fatin, sorry dear! i didnt mean to highlight u so much in the post that could lead to this "DISASTER" haha... if i were to make a scene.. my words will be like this, "oh i missed fatin" or "fatin, i love u and i openly admit" hahahahaha.. and then the story will be spreading like virus i tell u..... so fatin, forgive me okay(though i didnt really need to apologize as i dont give a damn) but just to be clear that i didnt own you! :P hahaha

ala... even if i like/love u fatin, ape salahnye kan, ikut undang2 pon boleh kan? kita bukan adek bradek kan? ahaha... so whats the sin? :P sebuk je dorang! hhahaha....

im writing this post randomly to blabber about the questions.. hahaha
yes, recently also, people ask me about SEX(OOOOPS! explicit content) hahaha
idk why on earth are you ppl askin me about it.. u know i dont have any experience on it!
nauzubillah.... wait till im married! :P but even that i wont answer question about it...

actually i was hoping that i will get a question for me to ponder upon and to build my mind.. but people nowadays? what they ask? love, love, love and love =,= i know its not a sin to talk about love.. but does it have to be totally about love? ahahah.. i cant even see my question going on the right way or even the way i imagined.. i like answering question and stuff.. i dont care if it is crappy... but haha.... it kinda disappoint me to see and look back at my questions, nothing is related to education or anything important.. okay? :)

so, by the end of this post, i would be delighted if u all will get my point... or let me summarize it

1. IM NOT IN A RELATION (for i am single)
2. FATIN IS NOT MY "GF"(happy now? haha)
3. STOP HAVIN A CRUSH ON ME, IM NOTHING(well its annoying seriously)
4. IF I AM WITH ANT GIRL, ITS NOT A PROBLEM(u know i mean it)
5. DON'T TALK ABOUT SEX WITH ME(please dont make me look stupid)
7. I PURPOSELY WRITE IT IN CAPS SO YOU WILL NOT MISS IT! :P ( so please dont disappoint me)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Birthday, the sequel

The Birthday cake, credits to Faiz Mustafa for the cake :D

Haha... so like i mentioned in the previous post, imma put pictures of the birthday celebration...

dont ask me much why am i doing this post twice! its for the purpose of birthday present and to remember we celebrated fatin's birthday... YES you dont have to worry.. if u are making a party, come n invite me! and youll get a post too! haha... anyone.. not just this lady here(i prefer to call her makcik now) he he he..... so. without further delay, lets look at the pictures :)

She named this pose as the "cute" pose(she told me)

meet Ros :) they are having their birthday cake.. Ros's birthday is a bit earlier than Fatin
but both are awesome.. just awesome so much

Birthday Girls @ Jaya One

Cutting the cake.. though she didnt really have the talent to do so
She told us when she was cutting the cake
"sorry, bab-bab dapur ni memang fail" XP

the theme for tonight? black and red.. but not really
its a co-incidence that we wore the same colour(not really)
but that is the reason we took pictures together :P

So yes... all of us(fatin's friend, and my friend) had a great time together... she's 19 now.. older than me.. but i think im more matured than she is.. haha :P

p/s: may you be the princess ye! nvm.. i think the prince charming is already there but he's waiting the right time to come

and fatin, kalo prince dulu naik kuda, prince skrg naik ferarri.. sebab? KUDA! :P so if u were to dream of someone being your prince.. its either horse or ferarri okayy?? unless its BMW its different! :P

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

It's your day.. for me to celebrate

Yes, in this post, i think i'll have to post the second post after this...
because I have no picture to tell the story about it.. but i think I should include in a video that i have made... :D

Okay... so.. lookin at the title itself, i bet you can guess what is it about? O.o

YES!!! exactly! its about a BIRTHDAY of one of the best person I've met..

before i proceed, let me clarify to all about it... this is a story of a girl :) who is special.. i mean.. really
SPECIAL... but that doesn't make her my girlfriend or anything.... unless you are referring to = she's a girl + she's my friend = girl friend.... that is different =,=

okayy... so here it is.. the post made special for you!

Fatin Nabilah Binti Murad,
311, Mahallah Khadijah,
Centre For Foundation Studies,
International Islamic University Malaysia,
Jalan Universiti, Seksyen 17, 46530,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

so.. 9th February 2011(Wednesday).. a date to remember, a day to celebrate :D
I hope that this day would be full of joy and full of prosperity(ayat CNY)
Im glad that I've met you! its a blessing... I have one word for people like you who came into my dictionary of life.. that is

okayy.... so i dont really have much thing to say due to the pictures... but lemme tell you what i think, my perception on you, yes.. YOU! mrs. Fatin... you are such a special person that is
1. very "kalut" person
2. u freak out at things so quick(dont worry, its cute)
3. EGO! i mean seriously.. u dont admit about stuff you do and put it on other person(still.. cute!)
4. you are such a
Makcik when you talk... even for the smallest thing :DD
manja sangat-sangat!! tapi ngan mak xpe)
6. you are a controller.. if you rule the country.. err..... hahahahaha
7. you get angry when ppl call you akk and that shows u are afraid of ageing XP
8. immature but not so childish
9. cry baby
10.Awesome.. just awesome!

but all the above is the reason I really liked you.. though there's still more about u i didn't mention.. ha ha.. dont worry.. i am complementing you :) okayy???

ha ha ha... okay... back to the future.. let us ponder upon the birthday....
yes.. your age had increase a number.. :P but u are not old dear...though im not a fan of twilight.... i want to quote Edward Cullen's statement "
age are just numbers"
so you dont have to worry! haha.. birthday should be a point where you have to plan your future, to think how are you going to improve your life.. in all aspects ;)

Im no saint but again i want to quote Imam Ghazali's word... (its in malay)
Hari ini mesti lebih baik dari semalam,
dan hari esok mesti lebih baik dari hari ini,
Jika semalam lebih baik dari hari ini,
Maka celakalah orang itu

im not sure whether i quoted it 100% correct.. but the point is the same.. so fatin,
i pray for you on your birthday, for the best :)

so i think that is all for now.. ill post more when i get the pictures(theres still more!)

All i can say dear Fatin, YOU ARE AWESOME!!! i've made this post just for your birthday.. sorry im a bit late! still, more to come for you :D

Friday, February 4, 2011

Life As We Know It

Life- What does it mean?

It happens that today imma talk about life :)

Life is very important.. no matter how stupid people are.... they will know that life is valuable...
except for this kind of people:
These people who commit suicide is the STUPIDEST!

theres a lot of things to explore in life.. so dont waste it.. even in the game life is the most valuable thing! haha.. through out the game we will be worrying about our life and we will look for "extra life".. haha

Life is never a happily ever after story.. so stop dreaming... hahaha.. but that doesnt mean life is dull and boring.. of course you CAN DREAM! :D well.. usually girls... girls, they just LOVE to dream! for example.. Girls.. they dream to be:

1:A PRINCESS!(this is the most common girls dream and I think its cute)

Talking about princess.. I have this one girl i know, she always wanted to be a princess! haha.. its funny that.. usually the girl who wanted to be one is the cute one.. but this is different.. shes not cute.. but she is more to.. uhm... pretty? but then again when she said that she wanted to be a princess.. she tend to make this "cute" voice and also "cute" face.. which makes me laugh like my stomach is about to explode.. hahaha :P
To have a lot of money to SHOP!(this is kinda disturbing for guys.. haha)

Ive faced almost 9/10 of them who wanna have money to shop(yes, the 1/10, ive met them too) and usually they are talking this "crap" about their first pay... they wanna spend it to bla bla bla bla... but when u try to think about it back.. youll be wondering.. HOW MUCH EXACTLY is their first pay? its like their first pay is 1M... their planning to buy almost everything! :P haha

But their dream arent really illogical or childish(though mostly are!) i still think that makes a girl, a girl. hahaha...

okay.. back to the topic... what im saying is.. dont put too much expectation on life or ull be dissapointed like hell...

because a failure is actually a lesson to a success.. always try to look at thing at the positive side(please be reasonable when u are doing so)... haha... but bear in mind life is never a fairytale, never too good to be true... there is always the ups and downs.. so be cool.. and be awesome... how to be awesome? when to be awesome? that is when Barney stinson come in handy

YUP! when u face difficulties, ie: ur sad.. stop being sad n be awesome instead! hahaha

As for me.. i lived life with passion... i rather do things that i have interest in.. greatest example
being a law student itself.. :) and if i failed a stuff.. ill be thinking about it, analyzing where it went wrong, and ill try to fix it up.. n yes.. ive failed a lot of time... but here i am.. standing strong :D
i didnt lie that at a point.. many of us will be thinking about giving up.. feeling ourself so useless and at that time the pressure is so high that people is feeling like crying... i know.. it sucks... seriously! hahah... even for my Mock Trial i felt the same thing.. but then i overcome that feeling.. HOW? ask Barney! :P ahahha

but let me be clear that the real purpose of life is already mentioned in the Qur'an
51:56 "I have only created Jinns and men, that they may serve Me. "

just to make it clear that we live in this world.. is to serve Allah :D
Yes.. I am not that pious kind of person but I like to include in the Islamic perspective because it is a measure for us to remember.. in everything we do.. We are bound to follow Islam.. so reminding about religion is a good thing right? :D

I guess that is all imma write.. im afraid my brain aint working so well :P haha.. well Im still lookin forward to write a quality post which can make us pause and ponder upon.. so sorry for the crappy and boring post aite? :P

Saturday, January 29, 2011

At The Bridge :)

Here I am.. alone... at the bridge...
currently the time is 2.25 PM... i should be discussing about my
General Principle of Law 1... I havent eat a single thing(yet).. no breakfast.. no lunch..
Its raining.. the wind is soft.. so soft... the song 'Raining In My Heart' is on my head.. oh how beautiful.. this is the first time... since im in UIA that the bridge has no one.. except me... and the guy with the kopiah near the sink... hearing the drops of rain..
im so calm.. i love this.. its cold.. but not too cold..

Oh ye! baru teringat.... orang kata.. doa masa hujan... makbul... so.. JOM BERDOA!!

hehe he.. and that is all.. hehe.. ive got no idea :P

Im going to eat now.. dah sampai seru untuk makan :P

Friday, January 28, 2011

Sorry for my behaviour :'(

Hurm.. suddenly i fell not to good.. maybe ive done something wrong....

So this post is to say im sorry for the things that i had done.. or maybe without noticing that i did..

maybe i being too emo at times... i sort of cant control it.. maklum lahhh.. manusia

anyways... through this post.. i want to apologise for everything ive did wrong.. ever since we met... until this day...

this is my error... im not a perfect human.. nobody is perfect after all...

so i really need you to understand me.. okayy?

i hope when you read this short post, ull understand ;)

Muhasabah Cinta

Whooo.... Lately i've been selecting songs for me to sing.. Surely I'll sing a simple yet meaningful song... so... i searched for a song that would be lovely, simple yet very meaningful :)

Okay.. so the song is Muhasabah Cinta a song by EdCoustic... And here is the lyrics:

Wahai... Pemilik nyawaku
Betapa lemah diriku ini
Berat ujian dariMu
Kupasrahkan semua padaMu

Tuhan... Baru ku sadar
Indah nikmat sehat itu
Tak pandai aku bersyukur
Kini kuharapkan cintaMu

Kata-kata cinta terucap indah
Mengalun berzikir di kidung doaku
Sakit yang kurasa biar jadi penawar dosaku
Butir-butir cinta air mataku
Teringat semua yang Kau beri untukku
Ampuni khilaf dan salah selama ini
Ya ilahi....
Muhasabah cintaku...

Tuhan... Kuatkan aku
Lindungiku dari putus asa
Jika ku harus mati
Pertemukan aku denganMu

If we hear this song and swim deep into its lyric... its so soo meaningful.. i can say the rythm is some kinda sweet.. the first time I hear this song I thought its a love song about male and female... but after listening a couple of times.. my heart starts to feel so touched :')

Actually I want to include in my video... but then.. i feel too embarassed to do so.. hahaha... forget bout it... main thing is.. let us relate this love song with ordinary love song.. its a big difference! :P

Why cant we be this romantic to Allah? He gave us a lot of things and blessed us with love... and never for Him to betray our love!

To say that we love Allah is very easy.. but to prove our love is the part where people mostly fails! So let us together 'muhasabah cinta kita kepada-Nya'

Nevertheless.. I dedicated this special song to my special friend :) I hope you'll love it ;)

I was thinking of including the video of the song but unfortunately i dont have it :'(

still youll be able to hear it... :)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Random Post

Hahaha.. i just got this message frome one of my friend and it makes me touched! :')

Here it goes:
If u found urself in a dark room,

Red walls around U,
& Blood Come from everywhere!

Guess where r u?

Don Panic!

U r in my heart.

Take care!

-sadaqawwanul baik-

idk why.. this message sound so.. err... nice? hahaha but its coool...

though i know this message is forwarded :P

still it makes me happy.. thats all.. haha... :) tu je lah! nak ape lg :P

Friday, January 21, 2011

Jabir, Cerita, Cita dan Cinta

Recently, the most popular topic that came into my ears is LOVE.. I dont know why.. day by day the topic "LOVE" became so popular until my head keeps thinking of it.. So that is the POWER of LOVE.... so what is up with love actually?

Love . lOve. loVe. lovE. LOVe. LOvE. LoVE. lOVE

even in my formspring account people keep asking me tonnes of questions relating to LOVE! that is.. about my "crush".. haha.. its weird yet kinda funny that people seems to be interrogating me about my crush... haha.... So.. here it is.. lemme tell a lil bit about my crush ;)

My crush is young, happy, beautiful and awesome. we met by awesomeness. i fall for her because she is one of a kind..
  1. Do I look into having a special label with her? NO i prefer to have her labelled as JABIR'S WIFE.
  2. How much do i love my crush? As long as i didnt go beyond the laws of islam :)
  3. How old is she? SHE IS YOUNG :)
  4. Whats her name? Google in "jabir's crush"
  5. Where is she from? MALAYSIA
  6. Did she know that I have a crush on her? Yes
  7. Whats her respond? err.... idk how to say it :p
  8. How do you find her attractive? how can i say this... hurm... pelik+pelik= pelik2!
  9. if people ask u to define the relationship what will be the answer? We are friends!
  10. U are a student from IIUM and you talk about love. Isnt that wrong? What is wrong when i talk about love? cinta itu kan fitrah manusia.. i will eventually get married.. and Islam never stop us from loving someone. its just how we channel our love!
perempuan kena jadi jinak-jinak merpati - Encik Murad

So above i answered 10 FAQS about myself.. but that is not the main topic.. ive read from a book.. it says "Fitrah perlukan hidayah, jika tidak, fitrah akan menjadi fitnah."
so its not wrong to fall in love but we must guide our love to a right way and method so we dont go astray.

Me myself im not that islamic or pious type of guy.. but for me, matters about religion is very important especially matters related to the laws and punishment of Islam. In Malaysia it is impossible(well for me now it is IMPOSSIBLE) if you are a fornicators, youll never get the right way of punishment here in Malaysia and u surely are going to be punished in Hell!
SO! I definitely worry that this love which is permissible by Allah is polluted with Shaitan's virus!! Im not that strong to resist( i think) if i am alone with a girl by my side.. because its fo sure that shaitan is with us at that time.. no matter what.. PLUS! if the girl is the one we love.. our heart will be easily tricked by that damned creature to whisper the word of lies and makes u think that physical contact before marriage is LOVE.. pergghhhh!

As a lesson to us.. we should really learn to be shameful to Allah and not to humans.. The same thing is mentioned so many times everywhere.. so this time i tell a story about the ppl i know so whoever think its them can check on themselves :)

I went to the night club SS17(pasar malam je snanye) then there is something caught my eyes.. for the first time... i saw a girl with a guy infront of me.. both looks familiar... but i feel awkward to say hi or to give salam... that guys hand is on the girls back(wth!) ... so i was thinking is that really them? but i keep myself silent and move forward without saying anything.. Then the next time i went to the Suuq al-Layl(night club SS17) same person caught my attention.. the very same couple.. this time, FRONT VIEW! so hell of a clear view of them.. they are holding hands... but then the girl saw me and quickly let her hand off the guy.. at that time.. i was dissapointed... so dissapointed... shes not an ordinary student who i can consider "understand islam" because she is not taking UI in UIA.. but her action is so so soo stupid.. she let her hand off her bf just because she feels shy that i saw her... but im NOT A GOD.. why not she did the same when she noticed i was looking at her to Allah? she should notice that Allah had been watching her since like... uhhh... FOREVER!

so my point is, even when u learned n u understand ur religion, dont ever put ur religion on the second place.. NEVER do so.. when u walk with the girl/guy u love alone, ur wall of iman will surely fall apart.. shaitan will be there for u!

ok. ok ok... lets leave that behind.. hahaha

Back to Jabir, Cerita, Cita dan Cinta.....

Jabir: orang yang nak sangat bercinta sekarang ni.. atau dalam ni kire "hero" cite laa

Cerita: haaa... Cubecite cubecite cubecite.. camni citernye

Dalam Hati Aku Terdapat Satu Taman. Taman Ape?

Taman BUNGA!
Bile Hati da bunga ni.. layan la lagu jiwang karat skit! :P
walaupun skrg ni aku dgr lagu korea yg aku x faham ape die cakap...

So update blog skrg ni pon update yg cam jiwang karat gituuu XP

jadi hati aku ni da sakit angau cinta la ceritanyaaaa
so gi la klinik iman ntuk dapatkan ubatnye :P

Cita: Bila cakap sal cita mesti la cita-cita kan? sebabkan post related pasal cinta, so inilah Cita-cita
Saya target nak graduate dengan degree Syariah dan bekerja dalam bidang undang-undang
samada jadi peguam, penasihat undang-undang atau yg berkaitan dan mungkin juga
sebagai seorang pensyarah atau guru syariah :)

ini cita-cita yang jarang kita dengar..
saya bercita-cita untuk menjadi seorang suami :)
saya ingin berkahwin dengan seorang wanita yg akan bersama saya sepanjang hayat saya
dan dengan harapan dia menjadi bidadari di syurga :)

Cinta: Ni kire Khatimah cerita la ni :P

Ya.. saya masih sendiri, belum punya isteri belum punya kerja, belum punya harta
saya juga manusia saya punya perasaan dan saya juga jatuh cinta
hati saya mudah tersentuh bila bicara tentang cinta.
saya ingin cinta saya diredhai Allah
saya ingin DIA yg menjadi permaisuri hati saya menemani saya
membina cita dan harapan
membina keluarga yg harmoni dan taat kepada Allah yg esa
menikmati indahnya cinta yg halal
dan menikmati

Monday, January 17, 2011

This Post Is A Post About Crap

Its not entirely crap if we look at it again.. its just that I just cant find a name for it.. so i just say it is a crappy post... haha...

It has been a long journey in a short while from when i last posted... but here it is.. the story of where I contributed to the world of turtles :) YES turtles as in.. the slow n hard shelled stuff... well they are unique-ly awesome and cute... hahaha... i wish i can put some picture of it but due to the very FAST internet connection, i think i cant do that.. hahaha... but its AWESOME to be there and actually make myself tired just for the turtles... i mean what does it brings to me? what did i get? Seriously... its worth spending money n energy for it ;) and not to forget.. those friend i get to know during that short period of time were AWESOME.. I gotta thank Farahidah for promoting.. n yes.. Mintek, Kerel, Faiz... if its not them, i dont think ill be there.. haha... it was fun and tiring... i still got this muscle ache because of sand plowing.. i personally give myself n khairil the best sand plow-er award... 2 hours non-stop... AWESOME!!!

The next thing that i will be babbling about is SMAC.. thank god i get the chance to join them... Alhamdulillah... the best part was.. after a tiring day in Melaka for the Beach Walk, i went for 400M run... perghhhh... bapak letih wohhh... ahahah.. i can say.. i didnt even do a proper training.. no food control.. I just do what i learned before.. "the first step to win a race is u start running... the second step.... there is no second step.. training is lame.." well this statement clearly is wrong.. haha... but still i didnt get the last place! hahaha... *idk why im bragging about this* well.. though i lose.. i think its worth an experience.. at least im not "mandom" hahaha...

OH yaa.. i actually promised someone that ill make a post specially for that person.. now here it is... Im sorry im a bit late to make this post.. hahah... the thing is i dont have time to do it proper.. but this post was inspired from you.. :) I dont know.. but i still want to find the key to open the door.. i cant find it well due to hectic hell of time... but ill be searching for it as far as i could n i hope youll give a hand! and sorry if i went too far somewhere.. or maybe ive made something wrong.. i wish i could spend more time on searching for the key.. n since u are planning to transfer to other institution, i gotta find it fast! haha...
Seriously.. u are soo sooo sooo funny and adorable.. u are one of a kind that is reaaaaaally hard to find... though sometimes u are like a makcik that mumbles for like most of the time.. and u tend to control people around u to agree with you... its funny and also very cute! haha.. its just like the thing that cheers me up.. I pity u because ur family left to indonesia n leave u behind.. Alalala ciaaaan! :P kitorang kan ade!! kitorang jage laaa!! xpe.. t mak balik gi jumpe puas2.. ade la mak nak kasi bende tu! so STOP crying and start smiling :) im sure.. VERY sure that ur mum is missing you so bad just like how u miss her :D i cant imagine how u cry... and im sure I DONT WANNA SEE IT!! anda kan KUAT! dok smekdaun orang sana sini.. hehe.. takpe.. kite tag team g smekdaun orang same2.. hahah.. n i remembered that you really like this "suke ah tu.. suke suke".. idk WHYYYYY?? kenapa laa suke sangat ngan bnd tu.. hehe.. but at least it makes you laugh... hehe.. but recently you didnt even laugh! idk are you even listening to what i say.. adoii... itu yg tak faham... takpe.. its either its a cliche or you realised that theres nothing funny about it.. hahaha...

This post macam boring kan? tu lah.. tgh malas snanye ni.. sorry i didnt put in any pictures or maybe videos.. it makes this post DULL.. ive to get more inspiration and energy! and yes.. FASTER INTERNET CONNECTION! then ill post something that is worth to read.. hahaha :)