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Friday, January 21, 2011

Jabir, Cerita, Cita dan Cinta

Recently, the most popular topic that came into my ears is LOVE.. I dont know why.. day by day the topic "LOVE" became so popular until my head keeps thinking of it.. So that is the POWER of LOVE.... so what is up with love actually?

Love . lOve. loVe. lovE. LOVe. LOvE. LoVE. lOVE

even in my formspring account people keep asking me tonnes of questions relating to LOVE! that is.. about my "crush".. haha.. its weird yet kinda funny that people seems to be interrogating me about my crush... haha.... So.. here it is.. lemme tell a lil bit about my crush ;)

My crush is young, happy, beautiful and awesome. we met by awesomeness. i fall for her because she is one of a kind..
  1. Do I look into having a special label with her? NO i prefer to have her labelled as JABIR'S WIFE.
  2. How much do i love my crush? As long as i didnt go beyond the laws of islam :)
  3. How old is she? SHE IS YOUNG :)
  4. Whats her name? Google in "jabir's crush"
  5. Where is she from? MALAYSIA
  6. Did she know that I have a crush on her? Yes
  7. Whats her respond? err.... idk how to say it :p
  8. How do you find her attractive? how can i say this... hurm... pelik+pelik= pelik2!
  9. if people ask u to define the relationship what will be the answer? We are friends!
  10. U are a student from IIUM and you talk about love. Isnt that wrong? What is wrong when i talk about love? cinta itu kan fitrah manusia.. i will eventually get married.. and Islam never stop us from loving someone. its just how we channel our love!
perempuan kena jadi jinak-jinak merpati - Encik Murad

So above i answered 10 FAQS about myself.. but that is not the main topic.. ive read from a book.. it says "Fitrah perlukan hidayah, jika tidak, fitrah akan menjadi fitnah."
so its not wrong to fall in love but we must guide our love to a right way and method so we dont go astray.

Me myself im not that islamic or pious type of guy.. but for me, matters about religion is very important especially matters related to the laws and punishment of Islam. In Malaysia it is impossible(well for me now it is IMPOSSIBLE) if you are a fornicators, youll never get the right way of punishment here in Malaysia and u surely are going to be punished in Hell!
SO! I definitely worry that this love which is permissible by Allah is polluted with Shaitan's virus!! Im not that strong to resist( i think) if i am alone with a girl by my side.. because its fo sure that shaitan is with us at that time.. no matter what.. PLUS! if the girl is the one we love.. our heart will be easily tricked by that damned creature to whisper the word of lies and makes u think that physical contact before marriage is LOVE.. pergghhhh!

As a lesson to us.. we should really learn to be shameful to Allah and not to humans.. The same thing is mentioned so many times everywhere.. so this time i tell a story about the ppl i know so whoever think its them can check on themselves :)

I went to the night club SS17(pasar malam je snanye) then there is something caught my eyes.. for the first time... i saw a girl with a guy infront of me.. both looks familiar... but i feel awkward to say hi or to give salam... that guys hand is on the girls back(wth!) ... so i was thinking is that really them? but i keep myself silent and move forward without saying anything.. Then the next time i went to the Suuq al-Layl(night club SS17) same person caught my attention.. the very same couple.. this time, FRONT VIEW! so hell of a clear view of them.. they are holding hands... but then the girl saw me and quickly let her hand off the guy.. at that time.. i was dissapointed... so dissapointed... shes not an ordinary student who i can consider "understand islam" because she is not taking UI in UIA.. but her action is so so soo stupid.. she let her hand off her bf just because she feels shy that i saw her... but im NOT A GOD.. why not she did the same when she noticed i was looking at her to Allah? she should notice that Allah had been watching her since like... uhhh... FOREVER!

so my point is, even when u learned n u understand ur religion, dont ever put ur religion on the second place.. NEVER do so.. when u walk with the girl/guy u love alone, ur wall of iman will surely fall apart.. shaitan will be there for u!

ok. ok ok... lets leave that behind.. hahaha

Back to Jabir, Cerita, Cita dan Cinta.....

Jabir: orang yang nak sangat bercinta sekarang ni.. atau dalam ni kire "hero" cite laa

Cerita: haaa... Cubecite cubecite cubecite.. camni citernye

Dalam Hati Aku Terdapat Satu Taman. Taman Ape?

Taman BUNGA!
Bile Hati da bunga ni.. layan la lagu jiwang karat skit! :P
walaupun skrg ni aku dgr lagu korea yg aku x faham ape die cakap...

So update blog skrg ni pon update yg cam jiwang karat gituuu XP

jadi hati aku ni da sakit angau cinta la ceritanyaaaa
so gi la klinik iman ntuk dapatkan ubatnye :P

Cita: Bila cakap sal cita mesti la cita-cita kan? sebabkan post related pasal cinta, so inilah Cita-cita
Saya target nak graduate dengan degree Syariah dan bekerja dalam bidang undang-undang
samada jadi peguam, penasihat undang-undang atau yg berkaitan dan mungkin juga
sebagai seorang pensyarah atau guru syariah :)

ini cita-cita yang jarang kita dengar..
saya bercita-cita untuk menjadi seorang suami :)
saya ingin berkahwin dengan seorang wanita yg akan bersama saya sepanjang hayat saya
dan dengan harapan dia menjadi bidadari di syurga :)

Cinta: Ni kire Khatimah cerita la ni :P

Ya.. saya masih sendiri, belum punya isteri belum punya kerja, belum punya harta
saya juga manusia saya punya perasaan dan saya juga jatuh cinta
hati saya mudah tersentuh bila bicara tentang cinta.
saya ingin cinta saya diredhai Allah
saya ingin DIA yg menjadi permaisuri hati saya menemani saya
membina cita dan harapan
membina keluarga yg harmoni dan taat kepada Allah yg esa
menikmati indahnya cinta yg halal
dan menikmati


  1. really enjoy reading ur blog post :) bermakna.. thank you :)

  2. terrarosoul... kenapakah? he he thanks :) welcome :D

  3. i'Allah..mga Allah perkenankn ape2 hajat or hasrat di hatimu shbt..!! long tyme no story....mge sntsa dlm lembayung rahmat IIahi....=)

  4. hanani :) wahh.. sama la.. lama x dgr khabaran dari sahabatku ini :) insya-Allah :D ameen.. jabir doakan yg terrbaik untuk nani :D

  5. alalalalalala.
    sweetnya. :P
    semoga apa yg dihajatkan tercapai la ye jabirah. hehe. insyaAllah. nice entry. :)

  6. wahh.. editor ceriteraumira baca post saya! terharu! :P thanks.. ameeeeen!!
    kamu pun sama.. insya-Allah yg logic sume tercapai(tak termasuk Khairul Fahmi.. itu tak logic!) hehehe

  7. salam,,,post yang sangat membina:)..Moga Allah mudahkan sgla yg dihajati termakbul:)..aminn..