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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Usage Of English Among Youth Nowadays

Actually this post is to give my opinion on the usage of English among youth nowadays.. it is to help my friends who is taking english this semester. :)

Well, based on my observation, Actually the usage of English among the youth especially teenagers is quite popular. In fact, me myself, i prefer to write in English rather than Malay. But the usage of English is not widely use in rural areas. As we can see, some Malaysian doesnt even know how to speak proper Malay but they are excellent in English especially the teenagers who lives in urban areas.

The fact that this phenomenon occur due to the exposure in the usage of the English Language in rural areas and also urban areas are different. I make it simple by giving the idea of how people react in the urban areas and also in rural areas.

When A Man/Woman in Urban Areas Speak Malay: these people are seems to be the group of people who have "low" level of education.. therefore they tried to speak english with others

= so usually people in the urban areas seems to be "evolving" and start speaking english until a point that English gradually become their 1st language rather than Malay

When A Man/Woman in Rural Areas Speak English: these people are called "bajet mat saleh" because they speak english in the place where the level of intellectual is a bit low(i didnt say that they are stupid) but you can judge by yourself whether its true or not.

= so these group of people, they will eventually feel shy and this will stop them from using english to communicate and this eventually cause them to be very weak in speaking English.

the fact that i have a friend from kedah who actually really-really like to speak English.. but due to the surrounding community, he feels like his interest in English is imprisoned. but when he went to the university.. I can really-really see that his ability in english is very impressive..

The point that im trying to tell is the difference between the rural area and the urban areas on the usage of english and the factors that affects the usage of English.

to simplify it:
1. the usage of english is quite popular among youth from urban areas
2. it is less popular among the youth in the rural areas
3. The factors of why the usage in Urban areas is more popular than in the rural areas.

i dont know whether this helps tyou guys.. but i just give my opinion i ideas on this.. u guys just take the ideas and make your own words


  1. i'm agree with your statements.

  2. thnx jabir for ur cooperation...wink3*