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Saturday, January 29, 2011

At The Bridge :)

Here I am.. alone... at the bridge...
currently the time is 2.25 PM... i should be discussing about my
General Principle of Law 1... I havent eat a single thing(yet).. no breakfast.. no lunch..
Its raining.. the wind is soft.. so soft... the song 'Raining In My Heart' is on my head.. oh how beautiful.. this is the first time... since im in UIA that the bridge has no one.. except me... and the guy with the kopiah near the sink... hearing the drops of rain..
im so calm.. i love this.. its cold.. but not too cold..

Oh ye! baru teringat.... orang kata.. doa masa hujan... makbul... so.. JOM BERDOA!!

hehe he.. and that is all.. hehe.. ive got no idea :P

Im going to eat now.. dah sampai seru untuk makan :P

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