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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Mock Trial Wa Ghairuha :)

Jabir-Abdullah(JAY),Khadijah the awesome sister n Norela Ahmat AWESOMEST MOM!

With Bismillah I start this post...

Alhamdulillah.. Mock Trial: Jelita is over.. and not just an ordinary over.. Jelita was a HIT! It is LEGENDARY!!!! Im not saying this because im one of the actor.. but this is from the feedback from the awesomest FRIENDS and also other people who watch this Mock Trial. Thanks for watching everybody! :)

First of all.. It has been 2 month of practice of JELITA... and yes.. it is tiring yet AWESOME.. we all have been "torchered" by our Director.. ha ha.. but its cool for me because he got the VISION on where and how he want the Mock Trial to work... I dont have any idea on what to say.. so i just tell a story based on pictures.. and maybe some videos

Ouch! THAT is going to HURT!

Haa... Terkejut ke? well.. he dont get slapped for anything.. he asked daus to slap him to get his FEEL... so now u see how hard we worked for this.. or lets say that.. IT HURTS! ha ha ha.. But I think the hard work pays off at the end of the day.. we had a lot of fun.. THANK YOU MOCK TRIAL CREW!!! And special thanks to Zaqquan as the PM.. without him.. theres no JELITA.. and of course.. Tasmina Binti Hishamuddin!!! such a g
reat actress.. she made me cry :') she was MIND BLASTING! happy to have you as a friend Amalina! YOU ARE AWESOME!!

Before AND After GAY!
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Not to worry im not a real gay or any other name for it.. ha ha ha.. but ill say that acting like one is a reaaaaaaal hard work.. they say i look pretty! ha ha ha!! i don't know how to respond.. should i be happy or angry? i don't wanna look gay! but its hard not to be happy.. ha ha ha.. orang puji kot! kalah pompuan tu haa.... oyehh.. CHOOOOOIIIII!!!!! :P

Siapa Lagi Cantik? Ha ha ha!!

this picture was taken after the show.. and i was shocked to see such embarassing picture.. ha ha.. a second i think for myself.. do I really look THAT GAY????? hahaha... oh yess.. i hate to see myself in the video during mock trial.. that is soo soooooo GAY!*kutuk diri sendiri gila-gila*
this is the picture of me n Fatin Nabilah :) muka yang sangat girlish VS a real girl :P

My Picture with my beloved mother and sister :)*kak paan also in the pic!*

Much Much Much Much LOVE to Ummi n dijah because both of you came and support me :')
and tonnes of sorry for Dzar n Afnan because i didnt get to buy you guys the ticket.. but if i get the videos... i promise ill give it :) and also Kak Paan!! Thanks for coming! glad to have a senior like u in AIKOL :)

Lastly.. Praise to ALLAH for making our day such a happy day! wherever we go.. I know u'll always be with us! :) :) :) :) :)


And special thanks to Zatie Razak who borrowes me the BB for the internet! :) such a great friend i have here in IIUM :)

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