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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Uhibbu Biladi Malizia

Warna Jersi Yang Dipakai Pada Malam Final AFF Suzuki

This is MY Jersey that i made
Using the facebook Application

Alhamdulillah... Malaysia succesfully won the AFF Suzuki after so many years of this event.. I'm not really a HUGE fan of Malaysian football.. but that doesnt mean i don't support Malaysian football.. though most of the time I condemned the players due to their attitude... but the final match(1st leg and 2nd leg) shows the increase in the quality of the game play.. Much respect to Rajagopal for being such an amazing coach... and yes! FAHMI.. I can say he's the man of those match... such a great keeper... not to forget Safee who played really-really great.. its awesome to witness their winning though i just watch in on the television.. but the HARIMAU MALAYA really shows their quality...

for the first leg, im not suprised that Malaysia won because they really control the game well.. and even the goals were spectacular! I just wish i could watch it in the stadium that day.. it was worth to watch! for the second leg.. i too.. was not suprised that Indonesia won that match(though they lose the aggregate by 4-2). Much respect for Nasuha, the Indonesian player for the great skill shown during the match.

Nasuha(Indonesian player)

Not to forget, Safee Sali, the TOP SCORER for the cup... YOU ARE AWESOME!!
hope that more Malaysian players could actually be as good as him.. or maybe BETTER than him..

To all Malaysian, especially the players, dont forget to make the sujud syukur for the winning... In whatever we do, our acheivement is always n never from other than Allah :)

Lastly... I hope that the Malaysian squad will keep this AWESOMENESS consistently.. and for the indonesian team.. thanks for the great fight.. may the GARUDA will meet again with the TIGER in other match.. much respect to both teams :)


  1. da update dulu? tak adil nie. hehe.

    alhamdulillah,malaysia menang!

    btw,khairul fahmi memang awesome pun. hehehe. :)

  2. he he he.. ceritera umira lambat sangat kenapa? he he he :P