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Monday, December 27, 2010

Journey Of Life

Sebelum mula, nak iklankan selipar Croc baruku
Timekasih byk lah sape teman beli haritu!

Wooh.. Akhirnya dapat jugak masa nak update balik blog ni.. pergh... kesibukan dan ketiadaan internet merupakan punca utama tertangguhnya blog ni... (alasan je tu).. so in this precious moment, let me just share a lil bit of what i have, what i get, what i learned on the past few weeks.. or lets just say.. the month.. of December :)

First of all... this month is one hell of a month! seriously im so freakingly tired.. especially about the mooting workshop thingy.. well.. the story is quite pathetic.. but i wanna include this

Ada apa dengan gambar ini??? haaa.. this is the story... this is the day that Shakinah told me to get the approval for the proposal for the mooting workshop.. i can say... due to the way i dressed up... it makes my day very much in ease.. without any problem, i went to the Department of Law to meet up with the head of department to get the approval.. within minutes i send the proposal, the HoD approves without any problem... BUT!! its sad that it doesnt finish that way... theres a bad thing... very bad thing happened the next monday(of ya... i dressed up like in the picture on friday).. I went back to the Department to get the signature of the head of department on behalf of the Arts programe dean(or maybe D.Dean.. im not sure).. that is when the HELL starts.. all of a sudden, our budget proposal was again being checked and this time... theres a lot of money that is being cut by the HoD~~.. at that moment, my heart feels like it is going to stop! haha... but finally.. long story short, after a few discussion with the advisor n a little change.. the problem is solved and we only have to wait for the day to come.. huuuuu

Next! this is like the happier part of the month... MOCK TRIAL... yes! I love to say that I love the cast and crew for Mock Trial... Though there are a little bit of conflict during the training n stuff.. mock trial is still awesome... from the director, Putra Haziq, Programme Manager, Zaqquan, And also the main actress, Amalina... they are AWESOME.. i say! AWESOME!!! and also the otheer actor(too much to be stated)... the ticket or its better to say Invitation card.. oh yaa.. Invitation card.. i got the picture of it.. haha.. but just the envelope.. but youll be suprised when u look inside! :P

Haha.. btw.. please do ignore the name on the envelope! haha.. what to do.. because it is written that way.. so i decided to take picture of it.. haha... anyways... The poster for JELITA really makes the mock trial much more interesting... i really like the way Amalina's face are captured and put into the poster.. it really shows the puaka-ness of the evil girl.. hahaha... btw.. this is the poster :)

haaa... kan kan kan? he he he... oh btw.. not to forget.. the Trailer for mock trial.. i really like the effect... so if you are about to watch the trailer.. i suggest to watch it either using headphone/earphone or by increasing your speaker volume to the loudest you can... and watch the trailer.. you will get the feeling.. haha.. you may watch the trailer here :)


it is a not to be missed event! make sure you already have your own ticket!! haha!
so i think thats all i can write for today... i just want to include a little bit more picture that can be related with Mock Trial... or maybe some out of topic.. hahaha

Friends, Meet Gonox! She's FUNNY and adorable.. hahaha
fav quote "aku natrah!" n "toopan"

Nazir, bestest friend.. hahah.. sumpah rajin gila!
dia tech director, dia yg urus prop.. kesian.. byk keja dia
oh ya.. NAZIR! buat FB cepat!

NI Kerusi yang dipatahkan semasa latihan Mock Trial..
Hahaha.. siapa individu yg bertanggungjawab?
ini yg kita x tahu.. hahaha


  1. lama tak baca blog hang. haha.
    ohh, all the best for mock trial!


  2. ahahaha... thanx la bace.. haha.. aku pon da lame x update.. sori la blog aku bosan.. hahaha