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Friday, February 4, 2011

Life As We Know It

Life- What does it mean?

It happens that today imma talk about life :)

Life is very important.. no matter how stupid people are.... they will know that life is valuable...
except for this kind of people:
These people who commit suicide is the STUPIDEST!

theres a lot of things to explore in life.. so dont waste it.. even in the game life is the most valuable thing! haha.. through out the game we will be worrying about our life and we will look for "extra life".. haha

Life is never a happily ever after story.. so stop dreaming... hahaha.. but that doesnt mean life is dull and boring.. of course you CAN DREAM! :D well.. usually girls... girls, they just LOVE to dream! for example.. Girls.. they dream to be:

1:A PRINCESS!(this is the most common girls dream and I think its cute)

Talking about princess.. I have this one girl i know, she always wanted to be a princess! haha.. its funny that.. usually the girl who wanted to be one is the cute one.. but this is different.. shes not cute.. but she is more to.. uhm... pretty? but then again when she said that she wanted to be a princess.. she tend to make this "cute" voice and also "cute" face.. which makes me laugh like my stomach is about to explode.. hahaha :P
To have a lot of money to SHOP!(this is kinda disturbing for guys.. haha)

Ive faced almost 9/10 of them who wanna have money to shop(yes, the 1/10, ive met them too) and usually they are talking this "crap" about their first pay... they wanna spend it to bla bla bla bla... but when u try to think about it back.. youll be wondering.. HOW MUCH EXACTLY is their first pay? its like their first pay is 1M... their planning to buy almost everything! :P haha

But their dream arent really illogical or childish(though mostly are!) i still think that makes a girl, a girl. hahaha...

okay.. back to the topic... what im saying is.. dont put too much expectation on life or ull be dissapointed like hell...

because a failure is actually a lesson to a success.. always try to look at thing at the positive side(please be reasonable when u are doing so)... haha... but bear in mind life is never a fairytale, never too good to be true... there is always the ups and downs.. so be cool.. and be awesome... how to be awesome? when to be awesome? that is when Barney stinson come in handy

YUP! when u face difficulties, ie: ur sad.. stop being sad n be awesome instead! hahaha

As for me.. i lived life with passion... i rather do things that i have interest in.. greatest example
being a law student itself.. :) and if i failed a stuff.. ill be thinking about it, analyzing where it went wrong, and ill try to fix it up.. n yes.. ive failed a lot of time... but here i am.. standing strong :D
i didnt lie that at a point.. many of us will be thinking about giving up.. feeling ourself so useless and at that time the pressure is so high that people is feeling like crying... i know.. it sucks... seriously! hahah... even for my Mock Trial i felt the same thing.. but then i overcome that feeling.. HOW? ask Barney! :P ahahha

but let me be clear that the real purpose of life is already mentioned in the Qur'an
51:56 "I have only created Jinns and men, that they may serve Me. "

just to make it clear that we live in this world.. is to serve Allah :D
Yes.. I am not that pious kind of person but I like to include in the Islamic perspective because it is a measure for us to remember.. in everything we do.. We are bound to follow Islam.. so reminding about religion is a good thing right? :D

I guess that is all imma write.. im afraid my brain aint working so well :P haha.. well Im still lookin forward to write a quality post which can make us pause and ponder upon.. so sorry for the crappy and boring post aite? :P

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  1. nice...tapi ade je yg mcm sengal hahahha:PPPPP