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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Birthday, the sequel

The Birthday cake, credits to Faiz Mustafa for the cake :D

Haha... so like i mentioned in the previous post, imma put pictures of the birthday celebration...

dont ask me much why am i doing this post twice! its for the purpose of birthday present and to remember we celebrated fatin's birthday... YES you dont have to worry.. if u are making a party, come n invite me! and youll get a post too! haha... anyone.. not just this lady here(i prefer to call her makcik now) he he he..... so. without further delay, lets look at the pictures :)

She named this pose as the "cute" pose(she told me)

meet Ros :) they are having their birthday cake.. Ros's birthday is a bit earlier than Fatin
but both are awesome.. just awesome so much

Birthday Girls @ Jaya One

Cutting the cake.. though she didnt really have the talent to do so
She told us when she was cutting the cake
"sorry, bab-bab dapur ni memang fail" XP

the theme for tonight? black and red.. but not really
its a co-incidence that we wore the same colour(not really)
but that is the reason we took pictures together :P

So yes... all of us(fatin's friend, and my friend) had a great time together... she's 19 now.. older than me.. but i think im more matured than she is.. haha :P

p/s: may you be the princess ye! nvm.. i think the prince charming is already there but he's waiting the right time to come

and fatin, kalo prince dulu naik kuda, prince skrg naik ferarri.. sebab? KUDA! :P so if u were to dream of someone being your prince.. its either horse or ferarri okayy?? unless its BMW its different! :P


  1. huh sengal lorh...spe makcik??im nineteen years old...so give me some respect...hahahha kol me adek la....not auntie....haaa jgn nak mlwn orng:P
    anyway tq for the special post bout me......:)huhuhu....oo ye ble plk orng ckp bab2 dapor mmng fail???orng ckp bab2 dapor pjam mata pon leh wat la hahahah:PPPPP

  2. fatin: bersaksikan ros, farieza, boka, amirul, jabir dan unggas2 yg berterbangan tau :P
    chicken chop: its her birthday :P