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Monday, February 28, 2011

Be Strong Because You Are Awesome!

Dear Friend,

Today's post is specially dedicated to my most honoured friend... It's a message straight from my heart to you :)

Dear Friend,

I know this had been the tough times for you, I know how much you feel tortured about what happened. but you don't have to be sad or worry.
It's no use for you to be sad or to be frustrated about it. Well you see, as your friend. I was in very deep shock when you text-ed me and told me that unfortunate eveng but you shouldn't be sad because you know I will back you up! :)

well this is a public service announcement:

so if you readers think that you are the one above, please quit it, their heart is not a toy.

Yes, YOU ARE if you did what is not for you to do

So my message for my friend here is please be strong and just let it go. You know it's not worth a penny to be sad about it. okay? I'm being so weird today because I cared and I hated what happened. Anyways, you have to rise again and by mean rise again, be stronger and better than before :)

Seriously this is good :)

I seriously saying that it's no point of being sad though I know this may be hard for you. It's okay! let them go away :) La tahzan ya ukhti, in Allaha ma'ana :) just be awesome as usual okay? I know you are awesome! Oops let me rephrase it. I know you are incredibly AWESOME! :)

i think that is all for now :) I hope you'll be strong :) I do hope it's stronger than METAL!

As a sign of respect to my friend, I was told that I have to remove my post, guess what? im not deleting any post in my blog(the current post is the edited post) :) so be it :D
you should read this my friend
:) :) :) :)


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. most certainly.. I hope that too :)

    she should already read this post by now ;)

    lets pray the best for her :D

  3. she must be lucky to have a friend like u.. :)