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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

It's your day.. for me to celebrate

Yes, in this post, i think i'll have to post the second post after this...
because I have no picture to tell the story about it.. but i think I should include in a video that i have made... :D

Okay... so.. lookin at the title itself, i bet you can guess what is it about? O.o

YES!!! exactly! its about a BIRTHDAY of one of the best person I've met..

before i proceed, let me clarify to all about it... this is a story of a girl :) who is special.. i mean.. really
SPECIAL... but that doesn't make her my girlfriend or anything.... unless you are referring to = she's a girl + she's my friend = girl friend.... that is different =,=

okayy... so here it is.. the post made special for you!

Fatin Nabilah Binti Murad,
311, Mahallah Khadijah,
Centre For Foundation Studies,
International Islamic University Malaysia,
Jalan Universiti, Seksyen 17, 46530,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

so.. 9th February 2011(Wednesday).. a date to remember, a day to celebrate :D
I hope that this day would be full of joy and full of prosperity(ayat CNY)
Im glad that I've met you! its a blessing... I have one word for people like you who came into my dictionary of life.. that is

okayy.... so i dont really have much thing to say due to the pictures... but lemme tell you what i think, my perception on you, yes.. YOU! mrs. Fatin... you are such a special person that is
1. very "kalut" person
2. u freak out at things so quick(dont worry, its cute)
3. EGO! i mean seriously.. u dont admit about stuff you do and put it on other person(still.. cute!)
4. you are such a
Makcik when you talk... even for the smallest thing :DD
manja sangat-sangat!! tapi ngan mak xpe)
6. you are a controller.. if you rule the country.. err..... hahahahaha
7. you get angry when ppl call you akk and that shows u are afraid of ageing XP
8. immature but not so childish
9. cry baby
10.Awesome.. just awesome!

but all the above is the reason I really liked you.. though there's still more about u i didn't mention.. ha ha.. dont worry.. i am complementing you :) okayy???

ha ha ha... okay... back to the future.. let us ponder upon the birthday....
yes.. your age had increase a number.. :P but u are not old dear...though im not a fan of twilight.... i want to quote Edward Cullen's statement "
age are just numbers"
so you dont have to worry! haha.. birthday should be a point where you have to plan your future, to think how are you going to improve your life.. in all aspects ;)

Im no saint but again i want to quote Imam Ghazali's word... (its in malay)
Hari ini mesti lebih baik dari semalam,
dan hari esok mesti lebih baik dari hari ini,
Jika semalam lebih baik dari hari ini,
Maka celakalah orang itu

im not sure whether i quoted it 100% correct.. but the point is the same.. so fatin,
i pray for you on your birthday, for the best :)

so i think that is all for now.. ill post more when i get the pictures(theres still more!)

All i can say dear Fatin, YOU ARE AWESOME!!! i've made this post just for your birthday.. sorry im a bit late! still, more to come for you :D


  1. OMG awesomeeee ! Happy birthday to fatin too,tho,i dont even knw her -.-' All in all,enjoy your birthday. And woah,jabir made a post special about you! Thats just awe---some !! ;D

  2. sob..sob..sob..tq to 'pakcik'jabir hahhaha...
    wanna ask u once again.....perlu ke ssh2 ni??huhuhu
    anyway tq for evrythng......
    the present,party,video....and tiz post too....
    OMG its so so so..............(let me keep it as a secret hahahha):P

  3. Fatiehah: thank you on behalf of farin.. she had read this post! :) ur awesome too fatiehah :D
    Atin: x susah pon.. theres still more.. :D
    what is so secret abt it? haha... waiting for the pictures from you because without pictures, theres no story to tell :P ye la... besday stahun skali.. ape salahnye kan ;)

  4. My birthday pulak next jabir Hahaha.
    Lol just pulling your legs xD
    Mine on november pfffttt lama pulak nak tnggu you buat post about my birthday . Hehehe -.-'

  5. cute gler laaaa
    comey vdeo tuh...
    rmbut faten sangat cantek...

  6. tiehah: insya-Allah kat kalo celeb bleh la :)
    chicken chop: thanks! tgk sape buat vid la :p pemilihan yg mantap!


  7. huhuhu tq:)jabir laen kali jgn nak ssh kan dri smpai cmtu skali ea:)

  8. Amende yg Susa nye... X susa pn laa... It's fun what... Hehe... Jgan risau... Hahaha