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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Its about the questions that YOU ASK!

Again, direct to the title, we know what it is..... EXACTLY!

i've been laughing so hard ever since people ask me about my love life...
its funny that people thinks i have one, and i dont want to admit....
well, read this my beloved stalker, reader, follower and also the crushers.. haha
and not to forget, the victim of the story, my friend of the month, FATIN! :)

it has been a very dramatic moments of February innit? i can say that this month is the month of,
JABIR: THE LOVE LIFE(wonder if there will be a book on it) its funny that I had been asked on formspring about my girlfriend, my crush and bla bla... well..... they asked me a lot but non of them actually got the answer.. hahaha.. its so fun to make the questioner disappointed... but they never do give up? or may i restate it.... WONT YOU GIVE UP? haha... i dont really care you askin because i can easily answer that question with a yes or no... its fortunate for the stalkers(oh hi stalkers!) and the crushers(hey crushers!) because today i wanna restate and HIGHLIGHT that, I AM SINGLE! hahahaha... i know. the reaction is like (WOW HE'S SINGLE) and yes.. then when u keep on reading itll be like "Bapak bajet!" then u all will hate me and i will be happy because i wont have to think about having anymore of you stalkcrushers.. hahah...

for fatin, sorry dear! i didnt mean to highlight u so much in the post that could lead to this "DISASTER" haha... if i were to make a scene.. my words will be like this, "oh i missed fatin" or "fatin, i love u and i openly admit" hahahahaha.. and then the story will be spreading like virus i tell u..... so fatin, forgive me okay(though i didnt really need to apologize as i dont give a damn) but just to be clear that i didnt own you! :P hahaha

ala... even if i like/love u fatin, ape salahnye kan, ikut undang2 pon boleh kan? kita bukan adek bradek kan? ahaha... so whats the sin? :P sebuk je dorang! hhahaha....

im writing this post randomly to blabber about the questions.. hahaha
yes, recently also, people ask me about SEX(OOOOPS! explicit content) hahaha
idk why on earth are you ppl askin me about it.. u know i dont have any experience on it!
nauzubillah.... wait till im married! :P but even that i wont answer question about it...

actually i was hoping that i will get a question for me to ponder upon and to build my mind.. but people nowadays? what they ask? love, love, love and love =,= i know its not a sin to talk about love.. but does it have to be totally about love? ahahah.. i cant even see my question going on the right way or even the way i imagined.. i like answering question and stuff.. i dont care if it is crappy... but haha.... it kinda disappoint me to see and look back at my questions, nothing is related to education or anything important.. okay? :)

so, by the end of this post, i would be delighted if u all will get my point... or let me summarize it

1. IM NOT IN A RELATION (for i am single)
2. FATIN IS NOT MY "GF"(happy now? haha)
3. STOP HAVIN A CRUSH ON ME, IM NOTHING(well its annoying seriously)
4. IF I AM WITH ANT GIRL, ITS NOT A PROBLEM(u know i mean it)
5. DON'T TALK ABOUT SEX WITH ME(please dont make me look stupid)
7. I PURPOSELY WRITE IT IN CAPS SO YOU WILL NOT MISS IT! :P ( so please dont disappoint me)


  1. waahhhh, dah lame kot tak dengar news about jabir abdullah . hotstuff nampaknye sekarang. btw, happy holidays!

  2. haha... xde lah.. beberapa kerat je stoker tu :P
    happy holidays jugak :D

  3. xyah la besar kan name orng tu hahahah:P

  4. kena.. tu benda paling besar skli dalam post ni.. bnd paling penting

  5. sbb lawak...hahaha
    gelak, gelak, dan gelak lagi