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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Dusty Blog


Oh My GOAT! It has been a long time even since my last post. TRUST ME, that last post is the last time I logged in to the blog.

oh one more thing, what's with the big font?
okay this is better.

You must be wondering what happened to me since the last post. well.... i got hit by a car. TETTTT!!! Total lie! haha.. its just that i've been busy, i've been lazy and i've been er. uh.. uhmm... that's just it. SO!

Do you need me to tell you about what I've done in the past few month?

comment on the comment section below. OH WAIT!

I AM NOT GOING TO WASTE MY TIME writing long and boring post. lemme just fast forward to the latest ok?

So what happened the lately was, I FINALLY GOT OUT A SERIOUSLY HECTIC SEMESTER! well. techinically. At last i may breath without problem. Haha... The awesome part was

I MOOTED AND I WON! 1 year of holding a position in Foundation Moot Club at last make it's 1st move into becoming lawyer. It was. and still is, AWESOME :)

Ok less talk more pictures right? unfortunately I don't really have much pictures. BUT! These pictures are enough to show you what I've been doing right?

This is my friends, which is the respondent, we had a great trial. I won. but they are Awesome I tell you!
This is my Co-Counsel, Aszfar. Quiet. but when he speaks. He's good!
The Future Lawyers with Yang Arif Noor Dzuhaidah :)
The future Syar'ie Lawyer. AWESOME RIGHT?

In the Moot Court. Everyone takes pictures :)

Okay so I'm done with the current post. I know. It still is. boring as evar! haha.. still this post is just to share the latest thing im into and i was asked by someone to post this. wanna know who? LEMME SHOW YOU!! *sorry ye Fatin! hehehehe

She is the one who is responsible for this post. WAIT!
Please don't tackle her. Saving her for someone :P
anyway Fatin, This post is made special for you actually :) Have fun reading

To all the readers and subscribers, this post is for you guys too!! I love you guys. seriously. im tryin to re-build my blog. i hope i can beautify my blog. haha :)


  1. jabir over? fatin la! mintak orang buat. ;) orang kasik special nye!

  2. atin nak lagu ape? lagu tu orang suka la.. ce dengar pai kat chorus dia <3

  3. very slow? slow camne tu? load ea? connection kene kuat kak :)