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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Don't Want to waste the time that I may had Wasted

Okay so now, I may not be having anything to tell but just as to share and like the title shows.

So, I've been through a lot in life. Now what I have isn't perfect. But it doesn't piss me off
I take it mostly as a lesson that I'll treasure for the sake of experience to share in order to help people around me. I can say, I learn happiness the hard way. Life has never really been how I've always dreamed of.

But the thing is, being strong is never an easy task. In fact, never that I say that I've never been sad(Read my older post and it answers quite much). Being strong is how you face the challenge. Our brain can easily trip off if you fail to handle things. You may be feeling that everything is out of your control, people are not with you, seems like you never actually achieved anything in life. Well, always bear in mind, you have achieved something in life, if it wasn't because of it, you might not be in your place right now.

I remembered a simple but very big impact words of Allah in the holy Qur'an. Well, to simplify my means, Allah never give a test to his servant out of their control. So why worry? Failure doesn't mean you are useless. It's another lesson of life that you discover! You can handle stuff. just be strong and try to look at problems the positive way. Let me again simplify this. Change how you look at problems like this

You wanted to buy a house which seemingly hard to afford.

Instead of saying : I will never afford to buy this house!

Try looking at it differently by saying(and bear in mind): How will I afford this thing? Where should I start? When will I start to pay for it?

It'll be totally different! You by yourself can set a goal to achieve it!

I may not say much and talk further but just to share and may it pleases and help you people the next time you encounter a challenge :)

Much oblige, pray for my best to be a Muslim lawyer, A family man, A husband, and a statesman :)

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