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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Just Telling And Making Things Clear

How to say it in a human language? Hurm. Okay.

As I believe, you guys might have notice that the name Jabir-Abdullah Amir has no longer in your timeline in Facebook. Or maybe you just don't really care.

Anyhow, for you guys who might have noticed it and been wondering where the heaven and hell on earth is Jabir-Abdullah Amir on Facebook (especially who always been contacting me, stalking me, asking me questions, tagging me, messaging me, commenting on my wall, posting on my wall, group discussion, AND POKE ME). I declare hereby, Jabir-Abdullah Amir had Deactivated the Facebook Account!

Ok. I know you would ask that question. The answer is:-

No, It's not entirely because of that, But something to do with that. Anyway, the absolute reason was I did it randomly and trust me when I say. Shit happens the day I was about to do it! so it seems like im deactivating it because of that. Im not that lame and desperate or emo just because of that!

However, to answer the next question arises. You can reach me Using the comments section below, Formspring or Twitter :) link given on the right side of my blog.

Im not going to make this post long but just to inform, its not the reason in your mind and i might just want some space. oh wait. I already got the space bar (lame joke i know)


  1. pejuang cinta, im a lone ranger in my blog. ahaha.. it is like a pond, which i throw stones of tension and stress. so i can be free. its nothing big or extra ordinary. just the place i take my mind off