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Monday, May 2, 2011

As random as the post seems

So this time I have nothing to do, not because I dont want to do anything but I simply have nothing to do :P

An interesting fact, today I've just learned that I'm not having flu. instead, I am having cold, its a 2 different thing?

flu is more fatal and flu is the type of disease which causes death(well, it seems scarier than it is actually)

but cold is just a virus infection which only infect the throat and the nose.... so that answers my confusion! yayy!!!

I am at home currently(YAYY)... a few days back(yesterday and the day before) i joined the rector's cup debating championship, it's my first time and its a great experience! :) I teamed up with 2 foreign students which appears that both are my seniors in the Main campus, it is quite random that i teamed up with them.. and IT IS AWESOME to be debating with them.. its like a whole new thing and it happens with such a unique way! :)

Recently, after my previous post, again, the TROLLS came back to ask me questions and questions about the 'girl'. GUYS, seriously? im tire of answering it, can you guys just STOP ASKING and just let me decide when will i reveal? its getting annoying! luckily you asked that in formspring, if i know who the hell you guys are, i might just kick you! man... gimme some space man.. can you just let it be.. Don't ASK WHO! thats all i ask, ask me anything but not "WHO's THAT GIRL" okayyyy :)

I actually cant wait till the time comes where i can actually sort my stuff and then prepare things accordingly, im in a state of serabut-ness(sorry i dont know what is it in English) i feel so.. err.. serabut! my things, my head, my everything! they seems to be not in the right order...

I don't know why this is happening to me, Am I having a hardtime in my life? Why do I feel so insecure? Why do i feel like crying? why do I feel so weak(mentally, my physical strength is indeed weak)? why why and why... I have to be the old me! the guy who always smiles, the guy who is very optimistic, always happy, thoughtful, the guy who try to help others! where have the old Jabir gone?

Sorry this time because the post is a random post, what i write solely depends on what went through my mind and my heart... as the blog also suggest that this is where my mind takes of.. i really make it take off freely :)

Sorry this time i dont have any pictures to show.. I KNOW.. its boring righht! what to do! I will put in more interesting things.. with photos next time :) dont worry :) :P

I think that's it :)


  1. nice post act:P..xpe jabir...:)..mungkin ni slah satu Ujian Allah pada akhi..Tu kan tanda Allah syg kan akhi kan..:))..be closed and closed to Allah..And you can feel more free and peacelah:)..juz my opinion..4 d anymous yg ske u bertnya tu,,juz ignore je..:)..lame2 mgkin insan tu faham:)..and kita pun x sakit kepala pkir psl die :p....and syafakallah:))..May Allah bless!!^__^

  2. chill la bro......sabar bnyak2.....*serabotness tu will disappear over time:)insyaALLAH:))