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Monday, March 7, 2011

The Crash of An Ark Called Love

Well tonight, I will be talking about an Ark called love

Love is a very beautiful thing,
Love is extraordinary,
Love is something everyone feels,
Love is everyone's desire,
Love is a treasure of life

Because of love, we know bliss
and because of it we know happiness, we know joy, prosperity
and also because of love we know anger, hate and grudge

So what is my point for today's post,

well this is what I've learned today.. the very unpleasant side of love he don't event hope to bear,
the sadness and the dark side of love, well it happens to my friend, she didn't know love
she had never been in a relation, NEVER. but now she knows what is a heart break.
had this innocent girl tried to please others, but never did she realized, she's killing people one. by one. Never would i blame this girl for it, i understand that she is not ready for it.

Sometimes, we have to be strict on our position, our decision.. maybe for us its nothing but it matters to the people around us, who loved us.. sometimes rejection is not an option but a must.
well now we all know that love is a poison if it is not handled with care...

Now the broken heart, its irreversible, it can heal but with time. U cant expect things to be the same my friend, the drama, the act, the play, wont last, it'll eventually re-explode.. you may see them happy, be around you, makes you smile, but their smile wont be the same, in their mind is always to think of that person they love, how they are frustrated, but because of love, they'll be with u, to see u smile...

And never you say to them, if u want to be their friend tell them if they find another girl, and tell them to get the girl, when you say that, you'll be like stabbing them on their heart. They know themselves if they find another girl, and the moment they find, they're not going to be the same ever... YES they are still you friend, but you'll never get to be treated by them the same way, if you like em, just tell the truth. they'll understand... because if they went too far on loving you, they'll might end up killing themselves(by the means of suicide for the losers ,major frustration for the winners and the champion they'll be sad and them move on).

if he's trying to win you, over and over again, and he loved you, he showed you the care, and still loving you no matter what happens, and u broke his heart over and over again, the second you fall for him(well, if it happens, who knows), you might as well suffers when he moved on, maybe u don't want him to move on, but your action might pressured him and there he goes. and nobody will love you like he did.. maybe he's not for you that's all... but don't you worry, they'll be a man who will still love you... except its not the same person, not the same personality, and never will be the same love.

That is when you know, the ark of love, that is made with effort, had crashed and sink.. in the deepest sea(well in this earth it is the Mariana Trench). when the ark is gone, there will be nothing left.

I'm not a professional in love but this is my opinion and just to share my opinion, n to my friend, sorry if this post offended you.. i have to be sincere to let you know what's in my mind

to fatin, SORRY tido lambat, nak update blog :P

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