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Friday, July 17, 2009


in the name of Allah...

2 day i got a call from akhi Saifullah.. states that i will have a meeting tomorrow for our meeting on 25th of july.. which means its the meeting for the meeting.. actually im glad.. alhamdulillah... im a bit excited to be one of the jaya batch alumni which i find it so interesting.. i hope it will help the PPI from each school.. i've been wondering how the PPI from each school are... *small laugh*

anyways.. other than the meeting, today i have one junior which will be going to 'kursus kenaikan pangkat pegawai waran' which makes me soo..so frustrated at first.. but im a little bit proud to have a protege who will go there and take the exxam.. if she passed.. im going to be so happy... actually its good for the school's KRS.. i really hoped that she will make the best!! go Far GO!!!

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